Date Established
April 21, 1969
Richard M. Tsai
Headquarters Address
Ren’ai Rd., Sec. 4, No. 169, Da’an District Taipei (106), Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Paid-in Capital
Number of Branches
Domestic: 179 Branches Overseas: 5 Branches plus 2 Representative Offices
Number of Employees
Corporate banking, personal banking, credit cards, wealth management, trusts, treasury services, government banking
Bank History

A Story of Firsts

  • Engineered the first large-scale merger between a state-owned bank and private bank in Taiwan´s banking history
  • Ranked first in market share in Taipei by branches number of all private Taiwan banks
  • A leading position in Syndications & Structured Finance among Taiwan’s private banks
  • The first Taiwanese bank which successfully acquired a bank in China (Fubon Bank (China) Co., Ltd)

Taipei Fubon Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fubon Financial Holdings, was established through the merger of Taipei Bank and Fubon Bank on January 1, 2005. This merger was the first in Taiwan’s banking history involving a state-owned bank and a private bank in Taiwan. On April 1, 2023, Taipei Fubon Bank formally merged with Jih Sun Bank to strengthen its banking businesses and expand its overall economic scale and strength. Currently, Taipei Fubon Bank operates a total of 179 domestic branches, 5 overseas branches and 2 representative offices. 

Taipei Fubon Bank’s strong performance in recent years has earned it numerous honors and awards from domestic and foreign media in the financial sector. The Bank’s institutional banking division has been recognized for excellence in several fields, including syndicated loan deals, forex operations, and SME trade finance, by the prestigious journals Global Finance, Asiamoney and The Asset. The retail banking division has earned recognition for its achievements in digital finance, private banking and wealth management from International Finance Magazine, Professional Wealth Management, The Digital Banker, Retail Banker International and World Economic Magazine. In addition to business excellence recognitions, Taipei Fubon Bank has also been commended for its commitment to corporate social responsibility and supporting issues such as environmental protection, social engagement, sustainability, including having been cited as the “Best Trade Finance Bank” and the “Best socially responsible Bank” by Global Business Outlook.  Furthermore, Taipei Fubon Bank was selected to Brand Finance’s list of the“Banking 500 2023”. 

Changes in consumers’ lifestyle and behaviors, Taipei Fubon Bank continually adopts new innovations.  The Bank combines financial technology to optimize user innovation experience and launches diversified financial services that integrate virtual and real services.  These innovations give customers access to the Bank’s financial services anytime, anywhere without the need for physical contact.  At the same time, the Bank continues incorporating the latest technologies and applications and drawing support from business partners for the development of an inclusive digital ecosystem and comprehensive digital banking services. 

While innovating at home, Taipei Fubon Bank has been expanding abroad. In January 2014, Taipei Fubon Bank acquired controlling interest (51%) of First Sino Bank, which was later renamed Fubon Bank (China) and become a subsidiary of Taipei Fubon Bank.  To strengthen the capital structure of Fubon Bank (China), the Bank increased its stake in Fubon Bank (China) in June 2021, with the Bank and Fubon Financial Holding’s 57.92% and 42.08% interest, respectively. With its headcounter and 25 branches covering area in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Xi´an, Guangzhou and Jinan, Fubon Bank (China) provides the Taiwanese enterprises the broadest coverage operating outlets than any Taiwan-based bank, and earns Fubon a leading position in China. 

In addition, Taipei Fubon Bank uses the Hong Kong branch as the center to serve clients in Greater China, and uses the Singapore branch as the regional hub, combining with the Vietnam branch to become the beachhead for expanding its Southeast Asia business. The bank not only serves Taiwanese enterprises but also develops local teams to deepen local market and leverage the resources of the Fubon group to meet the financial services of various customer groups.  Jakarta representative office and Sydney representative office opened in September 2019 and in July 2021, respectively.  It allows the Bank to extend its target customer base to surrounding countries, forming a more convenient and comprehensive service network in Asia.  Taipei Fubon Bank will proceed to explore business opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region and fully supporting the financial needs at all levels for clients . 

Looking ahead, Taipei Fubon Bank will continue to further solidify its financial services platform spanning China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore to be able to offer the most comprehensive suite of financial services to clients consistent with their business development.  Backed by a highly efficient channel platform, an unrivaled line of products and services, and extremely effective operations, the Bank is determined to emerge as the preferred financial strategy partner for customers in the Greater China market and move steadily toward the vision of becoming “a top regional bank in Asia.”