Diverse learning and development

At Fubon Financial, we firmly believe that “talent” is a competitive strength that cannot be reproduced and is the power enabling enterprises to reach the top. Therefore, we value internal talent cultivation. Apart from building a multidimensional development platform, we provide diverse learning resources and opportunities to encourage employees to engage in self-development. We also draw up talent development plans based on duties, business, and career development needs. Through planned cultivation, we ensure employees can adapt to changes in the business environment at any time, improve professional competencies, and provide quality financial services.


New employee training

For new Fubon employees, we will arrange a series of “New Fubonite” programs. In addition to organization introduction and legal compliance courses, we promote our corporate culture, values, and business philosophy to help new recruits understand and follow our social, customer, and employee commitments, to adapt to the environment within a short time, and to demonstrate our core values in the workplace.


Professional competency development

A learning map for key positions groups is drawn up for employees to follow, understand each duty stage and the required professional competencies. Internal and external professional financial training programs are planned for employees to develop their careers and prepare for the next stage.

    • Fundamental Competency for Novices
    • Job-based Required Fundamental Courses
    • Job-based Required Advanced Courses Job-based Elective Fundamental Courses
    • Job-based Elective Advanced Courses

On-the-job Training and e-Learning Platforms

Internal instructor cultivation

To provide outstanding talent with a stage for development and to encourage the passing on of internal experience, we have established an internal instructor system and a set of objective and impartial assessment criteria to select outstanding instructors of the year, so as to given them a sense of achievement and fulfillment.

  • Outstanding Instructor of the Year Award Instructor Reward System
  • Curriculum Planning
    Curriculum Development
    Teaching Expression
    Elementary Instructor Training
  • Instructor Style Development
    Teaching Activity and Strategy
    Practical Teaching Methods
    Multimedia Teaching Plan Design
    Advanced Instructor Training

International talent cultivation

To deal with the need for continuous overseas expansion, we aggressively cultivate international talent by organizing overseas business training courses at regular intervals for employees to understand more about the host country of their expatriate mission.
  • Politics, Economics, and Culture
  • Labor Management Practice
  • Financial Supervisory System

Management competitiveness development

We draw up a series of leadership ability further education courses based on organizational development needs to equip officers with visionary thinking and real-time situation capture ability to stimulate growth momentum together.


To encourage employees to learn continuously, we provide an allowance for employees to receive further (continuing) education in languages, degree programs, and license/certificate courses. We also organize “Celebrity Talk” on a regular basis with speakers who are experts from different industries and fields and combine it with the “Fubon Lecture” to broaden the vision of employees.