Positive Energy

Serving the common good with positive energy

Serving the common good with positive energy.
Apart from being the core value, central philosophy, and action directive of Fubon, “positive energy” is an action from and within each person and a force that can change society.

After launching the “positive energy” image campaign in 2015, we have received much feedback. We entered different parts of Taiwan to discover the “positive energy” silently spread within. From the view of human concern, we reawakened faith and love in each and every person from the minutiae of daily life.

Many positive and beautiful things are happening around us. Such goodwill, actions, and acts happen at work, at home, and in daily life. They may be too tiny to perceive, but they are the energy driving people to chase their dreams and serve the common good of society.

It all happens here in this place...
Your concern, your support, your accompaniment, your encouragement, your love...
Your generosity, your devotion, your consideration, your warmth, your sacrifice...
Thank you for making this world better.
Such silent but tangible devotion
Enables us to see the positive energy that continuously makes the world better.