FUBON.COM Web Privacy Policy

FUBON.COM (hereinafter “the Websites”) is the collective website of Fubon Financial Holdings and the following Fubon subsidiaries: Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd., Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Fubon Securities Co., Ltd., Fubon Asset Management Co., Ltd., Fubon Securities Investment Services Co., Ltd., Fubon Direct Marketing Co., Ltd., Fubon Personal Insurance Agency, and Fubon Property Insurance Agency, and Fubon Futures Co., Ltd.

  1. Personal information provided by users for the Websites

    To provide customers with multifaceted services, the Websites will collect user basic data, including name, ID card number, address, phone number, e-mail, and other necessary information, through the call center, e-news center, product enquiry service, web service, and other on-line survey or on-line service applications.

  2. Information automatically collected by the Websites

    When users browse or search on the Websites, the Websites may automatically log the following information: user’s operating system, internet protocol (IP) address, user equipment information, use time, browser type and language, selected data, and the websites users have visited before visiting the Websites as well.

    The Websites may use web beacons, cookies, and similar technologies (defined below) to log information. If users do not accept the Websites’ use of cookies, they should opt out based on the choices explained below. Otherwise, they should not use the Websites’ services. The Websites may automatically link any collected information to personal information.

    • Internet Protocol (IP) address

      An IP address is the internet address automatically assigned to users’ computers by internet service providers. When users visit the Websites, the Websites will record the time of the visit and the page(s) viewed in the server log to better understand user preferences.

    • Web Beacon

      Web Beacon refers to the electronic image the Websites use on the website or e-mail to send cookies, calculate visits, and investigate website browsing status and activity effectiveness.

    • Cookies

      Cookies refer to small data files a website stores in your hard drive. The Websites will use cookies to facilitate your browsing of the website. In general, cookies can be removed and rejected in website settings.

  3. Policy of use of the above data collected by the Websites

    Based on the specific purpose specified during collection, data collected by the Websites, including personal information included in service applications, will be transferred to relevant units of the target service for them to contact users. Based on the purposes of data collection, personal information collected from individual on-line activities will be used in response to problems, notices of lucky draw results, business and market analysis, etc. Please visit the content page of respective activities for the purpose, user, and time of use of personal information. The Websites will not use the above data in excess of the specific purpose of data collection.

  4. Use of cookies and policy

    The Websites use Cookies to enhance the user experience and to make sure the website runs smoothly. Cookies are small text files containing small amounts of information that are installed in a user’s computer or other devices by a server. They are used to log or save information from a user’s browser. If you agree, your web browser will send these Cookies back to the Websites so that they can recognize you and record your preferences.

    Users can modify the level of cookie acceptance from the browser, including three levels: allow all cookies, notify on receiving, and block all cookies. Please bear in mind that if you block all cookies, you may not have access to certain personalized services or be able to participate in certain activities. The Websites will download cookies into users’ browsers and collect information from them based on the principles of this Policy to provide users with better and more personalized service and make it easier for them to take part in personalized interactive activities. They also are used to count visitor numbers and analyze browser models to help us understand how the webpages are being viewed and inform ways to make improvements to the Websites’ services.The information collected from cookies will be gathered and edited without using any names or linking any personal information. The Websites do not use targeting cookies to deliver targeted advertising to visitors of the Websites.

    This Cookies policy is part of the Fubon Privacy Statement. By using the Websites, users agree to the conditions explained above. If you want to learn more about how the Websites collect and use your information, please see “Fubon.com Personal Information Protection Notification.

  5. Policy for sharing personal information with a third party

    Except for the following three circumstances, the Websites will not sell, exchange, rent, or disclose by any other means the personal information of users to any groups or individuals.

    • With the prior consent or authorization of users.
    • At the request of the judicial body or other competent authorities through due process.
    • When they need to share user information with a third party to provide other service or benefits for users, the Websites will fully inform users in relevant activities for users to decide on accepting or declining such services or benefits.
  6. Policies for transmitting business information or e-mails

    The information regarding the benefits and rights transmitted by the Websites will be fully described in relevant activities. Users can decide on accepting or declining such specific service or activity. After accepting this service, the Websites guarantee not to transmit to a third party the information users register on the Websites. The Websites will send business information or e-mails to users after obtaining their agreement before delivery or during registration. Apart from indicating the Websites as the sender in such information or e-mails, methods, description, and functional links for users to unsubscribe such information or e-mails are available in such information or e-mails.

  7. Amendment of website privacy policy

    The Websites will amend at any time the private statement provided by the Websites where necessary to ensure user privacy protection. Users are recommended to read our new privacy policy and its changes in the next visit.

  8. Users having questions on the privacy protection policy or wishing to enquire of the use of their personal information on the Websites may contact us from the "Service Center" of the Websites.