Finance Products/Services
Sustainable/Green Loans
Top among Taiwan banks in wind power lending from Taipei Fubon Bank
  • Loans to wind power reached NT$16.5bn in 2020, 30% market share with top ranked position among Taiwanese banks
  • Continue to finance green energy or alternative energy industries
The first green finance certified by a third-party agency in Taiwan
  • Taipei Fubon Bank and Yuen Foong Yu, a leading paper industry group, launched the first third-party-certified green finance program in Taiwan in July, 2021. This was certified by a third-party organization. The proceeds will be used for renewable energy generation, zero coal-fired steam and electricity co-generation, and energy saving in recycled paper production. It is Taiwan’s first green finance project certified by a third-party accounting firm in accordance with the international standard of Green Loan Principles 2021
The first local bank in Taiwan to introduce sustainability-linked loans
  • Taipei Fubon Bank signed a 3-year “Sustainability Linked Loan” with Merry Electronics Co., Ltd., the first case from a local bank in Taiwan. (Foreign banks are DBS and HSBC)
  • Taipei Fubon Bank provides preferential loan interest rate if the corporate’s greenhouse gas emission intensity and energy consumption intensity are reduced by 5% yoy. We encourage clients to establish long-term management policies in green energy.
  • At the beginning of 2020, Taipei Fubon Bank partnered with a securities and trust firm to offer Taiwan’s first global ESG bond fund and the first bond fund managed through quantitative R&D. To draw market attention to this fund and popularize the concept of ESG investing, Taipei Fubon Bank held 101 training sessions for financial advisors and 62 briefings on the product for clients. During the IPO process, more than NT$9 billion was raised, and by the end of the year, the fund had a yield of 6.8%. It remains Taiwan’s biggest ESG bond fund with NT$24.2 billion in assets under management.
ESG Products for Asset Managers
When Fubon Asset Management issued the “Fubon TWSE Corporate Governance 100 ETF,” which tracks the performance of the TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index, it was Taiwan’s first domestic equity ETF to focus on corporate governance. The company’s newest product issued in 2020, the “Fubon Taiwan Sustainable Development High Dividend Fund,” consists of constituents from sustainability-oriented indexes and companies in the top 50% of the Taiwan Stock Exchange’s Corporate Governance Evaluation or included in other sustainability-related evaluations or reports. Investment targets comprise large, medium-sized and small stocks, which is different from other high-dividend funds on the market. After this fund was issued, Fubon Asset Management became Taiwan’s first asset manager to have both sustainability-oriented Taiwan equity active and passive funds, a reflection of parent company Fubon Financial Holdings’support for sustainability.
  • ESG Fund Size (NT$100 million)
  • Fubon TWSE Corporate
    Governance 100 ETF
  • 24
  • 31
  • 49
  • 77
  • Taiwan Sustainable
    Development High Dividend Fund
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 40
  • Share of total AUM of two
    above funds combined (%)
  • 1.9%
  • 1.9%
  • 1.6%
  • 3.7%
ESG-related Insurance Products and Services
Natural Disaster Services and Agriculture Insurance
Fubon Insurance provides business continuity planning and post-disaster loss control services that help customers quickly rebuild their operations and reduce capital expenditures when a disaster occurs, limiting the potential risks from accidents. With the backing of the global reinsurance market, the company offers complete protection against natural disasters to companies and the public through earthquake, typhoon and flood insurance and business interruption insurance. Fubon Insurance has actively participated in the Council of Agriculture’s pilot program for crop insurance, developing insurance products best suited to Taiwan. Since its launch of Taiwan’s first agriculture insurance policy (for top grafted pear crops) in 2015, Fubon Insurance has introduced policies covering pears, rice, bananas, grouper, milkfish, striped bass and tilapia as well as typhoon and flood insurance for agricultural facilities. These products give Taiwan’s farmers and aquaculture operators insurance options that help them divert risks from natural disasters. Fubon Insurance has also worked closely with experts in other fields to develop innovative products tailored to the special characteristics of different crops.
Fubon Insureance Loss Control Services
  • Fire / Explosion Risk
    Assessment System
  • Civil Engineering
    Projects Risk
  • Earthquake Risk
    Assessment Services
  • Infrared Thermographly
    Testing Services
  • Instrumentation and
    Control Security /
    Layers of Protection
  • Business Continulty
  • Business Continulty
  • Loss Control Education
    and Training
  • Typhoon and Flood Risk
    Potential Analysis
  • Natural Disasters
    • Natural Disaster Insurance
  • Crops
    • Pear Crop Insurance
    • Rice Crop Insurance
    • Banana Crop Insurance
  • Aquaculture
    • Temperature-indexed Parametric Aquaculture Insurance
    • Parametric Rain Aquaculture Insurance
  • Agricultural Facilities
    • Typhoon and Flood Agricultural Facility Insurance
Fubon Insurance has made harnessing its core competencies to create environmentally friendly products and services a top priority. Beyond using its influence to push green concepts, it also hopes to achieve its vision of a low-carbon lifestyle and environmental sustainability by giving customers incentives to get involved.
Fubon Insurance rolled out “Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance” to raise environmental awareness among ESG-sensitive gas station owners and storage tank operators and help them manage pollution risks to the soil and groundwater. This coverage offers protection against liability for losses, compensation, or cleanup or remediation costs generated by accidental or gradual pollution. But if a potential client for this insurance has been put on a government watch list, indicating that the location where the client operates could have soil or groundwater pollution issues, the applicant will only be able to get insurance once it completes a remediation plan and is removed from the watch list.
To address global emerging risk, Fubon Insurance relies on liability insurance and new types of insurance products to help companies operate sustainably and strengthen their corporate governance, make it easy for enterprises and individuals to divert risk, and beef up social resilience.
Services and Products for the Elderly
Echoing UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3, Good Health and Well-Being, Fubon Financial Holdings aspires to facilitate the well-being of each age group. The aging population calls for long-term care services, medical insurance covering self-paid special materials, and lifetime pay-as-you-go insurance. In response to the demand, as well as common cases of decline among applicants with impaired risks, the Company has developed a variety of insurance products to fill the gap between supply and demand. In impaired-risk insurance, we include spillover benefits to encourage policyholders to control blood sugar levels with premium deduction as incentives. While strengthening policyholders’health consciousness, we also reduce the risk of claim settlements. As Taiwan moves toward an aging society with a low birth rate, Taipei Fubon Bank actively promotes elder care trusts. The trust department was expanded to include a larger trust operations team. Agile big data analytics was introduced to develop the right services and build a potential clientele so that we can effectively assist clients with asset trusts in advance. Meanwhile, leveraging the influence of local branches across Taiwan, Taipei Fubon held multiple trust orientations to reach out to a broader clientele. Through casual interactions and easy-to-comprehend case studies, potential clients learned about the purpose and advantages of trusts.
Provide Services for the Elderly
  • 1
    Promote elder care trusts
    • In 2020, Taipei Fubon Bank handled 190 new asset trusts to care for the elderly and people with disabilities, benefiting 277 people.
    • Elder care trusts had assets of NT$2.058 billion at the end of the year, up more than 142% from a year earlier.
    • The only private bank recognized by the Financial Supervisory Commission as an outstanding elder care trust provider in three consecutive years
  • 2
    Fraud Prevention – Elderly Clients
    • For customers aged 70 years and above who are subject to the highest level of control based on a risk profile assessment, a “risk warning” is issued for every transaction.
    • The first time they apply for professional investor/professional client status, a two-week “cooling-off period” is imposed from the time their application is approved
  • 3
    The Wristband Project
    • Partnership with the Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly to sponsor wristbands to keep people from going missing: Program continues to work with neurology and mental health departments around Taiwan to hand out a wristband with every confirmed dementia diagnosis; to date, nearly 100 collaborative care centers and hospitals are participating, helping boost the ratio of people wearing them.
    • Continued partnership with the Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly to sponsor wristbands to keep people from going missing; a total of 2,437 wristbands were distributed in 2020. The local government of Taipei, Taichung, Miaoli, Penghu and Kinmen supported the initiative of handing out a wristband with every confirmed dementia diagnosis.
  • 4
    Dementia Education Seed Project
    • Partnered with Taiwan Alzheimer Disease Association on “Dementia Education Seed Project” and produced animated videos Signs of Dementia and Prevent People from Going Loss which had more than 700 thousand views online in the first month as the project reached out to elementary schools across Taiwan with the help of Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare and city education bureaus.
  • 5
    Medical Service Accessibility Project for Elders in Remote Areas
    Medical Service Accessibility Project for Elders in Remote
    • Partnered with Formosa Cancer Foundation to offer transportation subsidy to elderly cancer patients in remote areas in Southern and Eastern townships in Taiwan. Unprecedented in the industry, the project has helped 1,002 elderly cancer patients increase their willingness to seek medical treatment by offering a maximum of NT$8,000 transportation subsidy per patient since 2017. The total subsidized distance traveled to medical facilities reached 410 thousand km.
    • The “Survey on the Predicament of Cancer Patients in Taiwan to Travel for Medical Treatment” and the "Documentary of Elderly Cancer Patient's Journey to Treatment” successfully raised public awareness on medical accessibility in remote areas (with over 230 thousand views) and facilitated the donation of over NT$ 1 million made to Formosa Cancer Foundation.
  • 6
    Senior Care Active Ageing Program
    • Held 176 events for senior citizens
    • 5,448 people benefited from the program
Products for the Elderly
Fubon Life makes it its business to care about people’s health and meet the growing needs of Taiwan’s rapidly aging society and continues to offer elder care trusts and health-oriented insurance products.
  • 1
    Hospitalization Insurance for Seniors
    Most pay-as-you-go medical insurance policies only protect people to the age of 75. Given that life expectancy is rising in Taiwan and out-of-pocket medical costs continue to increase, Fubon introduced pay-as-you-go hospitalization insurance that extends to the end of the policyholder’s life.
    Product Name
    • Fubon Life Hospitalization Whole-life Insurance Rider
    2020 Policies
    • Number of valid policies:514
    • PremiumIncome:1,576 million
  • 2
    Products for Seniors – Long-term Care Insurance
    Offer policyholders a variety of options by diversifying long-term care products including long-term care insurance that covers physiological disabilities, cognitive disabilities, specific diseases that require long-term care, etc.
    Product Name
    • Fubon Life Long-term Care Whole-life Insurance
    • Fubon Life Full-Care Whole-life Health Insurance
    2020 Policies
    • Number of valid policies :4,361
    • PremiumIncome:14,949 million
  • 3
    Coverage for Special Medical Devices and Whole-life Medical Insurance
    Coverage for Special Medical Devices and Whole-life Medical
    Provides coverage for devices such as coronary stents, artificial hips, artificial knees, and artificial intraocular lenses often needed by older people; introduced medical savings account insurance plan that includes coverage of outpatient expenses not covered by national health insurance system.
    Product Name
    • Fubon Life Senior Wellness Whole-life Health Insurance
    • Fubon Life Whole-life Medical Insurance
    2020 Policies
    • Number of valid policies :2,238
    • PremiumIncome:3,925 million
  • 4
    Deductible Pay-As-You-Go Hospitalization Insurance
    Given the rise in self-paid medical expenses, Fubon introduced a deductible pay-as-you-go medical insurance addendum. Policyholders can choose to top up the amount of coverage to include costs of hospital ward daily rate, hospitalization, hospital and outpatient surgery. Fubon also offers policyholders a variety of plans to choose.
    Product Name
    • Fubon Life Hospitalization Term Insurance Rider
    • Fubon Life Hospitalization One-year Term Insurance Rider
    2020 Policies
    • Number of valid policies :3,013
    • PremiumIncome:690 million
  • 5
    Retirement Return-of- Premium Whole Life Insurance
    To maintain the national income replacement ratio among retirees, Fubon introduced lifetime insurances with a variety of premium plans. Policyholders can start claiming money back at the age of 55, 60, or 65. It helps policyholders meet retirement needs by offering whole-life insurance and a stable cash flow.
    Product Name
    • Fubon Life Enjoy Wealth Return of Premium Whole-life Insurance
    2020 Policies
    • Number of valid policies :149
    • PremiumIncome:2,272 million
Health management product
In terms of general health issues, Fubon introduced impaired-risk insurance for diabetes sufferers that offered them comprehensive coverage. The concept behind traditional insurance policies is to provide a benefit after something happens. In contrast, "spillover" policies are proactive, providing discounts on premiums to policyholders who effectively manage their own health. We also uses an app from Health2Sync to encourage policyholders to manage their health; the policy was the first to offer discounts on premiums based on blood sugar data. The lower a user’s glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), the steeper the discount, up to a maximum of 40% off, an incentive that stresses prevention to keep people healthy. In 2020, Fubon Life had 1,862 customers with "spillover" policies ,which generated NT $ 19.83 million in premiums.
  • 1
    Impaired-risk Insurance for People with Diabetes + a “Spillover” Effect
    Impaired-risk Insurance for People with Diabetes + a
    “Spillover” Effect
    Offers medical coverage to people with diabetes while giving them an incentive to manage their health; through this approach, health promotion concepts spill over into the policy.
    Product Name
    • Fubon Life Smart Term Health Insurance
    2020 Policies
    • Number of valid policies:432
    • PremiumIncome:9.78 million
  • 2
    Term Health Insurance that Encourages Health Management
    In addition to coverage for death, disabilities and severe disease, policyholders can get a maximum 10% discount with the number of steps recorded in wearable devices for health management.
    Product Name
    • Fubon Life Walker Term Health Insurance
    2020 Policies
    • Number of valid policies :1,004
    • PremiumIncome:6.39 million
  • 3
    Fubon Life GO Term Health Insurance for Critical Illness
    In addition to coverage for death, disabilities and critical illness, policyholders can get a maximum 10% discount with the number of steps recorded in wearable devices for health management
    Product Name
    • Fubon Life GO Term Health Insurance for Critical Illness
    2020 Policies
    • Number of valid policies :382
    • PremiumIncome:3.4 million
  • 4
    Term Life Insurance + Health Management Policy with a Spillover Effect
    Term Life Insurance + Health Management Policy with a
    Spillover Effect
    Health management spillover effect is considered to encourage policyholders to walk for personal health with an incentive of additional premium bonuses.
    Product Name
    • Fubon Life e-Term Life Insurance
    2020 Policies
    • Number of valid policies :44
    • PremiumIncome:260 million