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Brand Belief

Ever since it got its start in 1961 as Taiwan’s first privately run property & casualty insurance company, Fubon Financial Holdings has steadily moved forward and grown based on a foundation of four values: integrity, sincerity, professionalism and innovation. It provides comprehensive financial services, from life insurance, banking, P&C insurance, and securities to investment consulting, investment trust operations, futures, venture capital and asset management, and is dedicated to positively influencing Taiwan and even Asia through these core financial competencies. Stability and reliability are the cornerstones of Fubon’s operations, but what truly sets us apart is our keen insight into changes in global financial markets as well as our forward-looking expertise that breaks service boundaries and supports people’s dreams for a better life.

Our Vision

Focused on steady progress, we believe that spreading positive energy will enable Fubon to rise to new heights and emerge as Asia’s best and most trustworthy financial institution, helping us achieve our longstanding goal to become one of Asia’s first-class financial institutions. In this people-oriented era, everything comes down to the human dynamic, and Fubon Financial Holdings is committed to being truly customer-oriented and creating greater value for society.

Our Mission

To help people build positive futures with top-notch, reliable financial services.

Our Commitment

Fubon’s positive spirit represents the financial services sector’s positive dynamism. Fubon’s insistence on upholding positive ideals and an honest approach to business enables us to create infinite possibilities.
We look at the world through a positive vision and bravely open new financial service frontiers, giving each customer the ability to cope with a rapidly changing financial environment.
We open our minds through positive thinking, which brings greater inspiration and flexibility to our partnerships and makes ideal lifestyles possible.
We embrace honesty as the foundation of our service, and thus carefully listen to our customers, care about what they think, and put ourselves in their shoes. The trust built through this process has created a strong, unbreakable bond between Fubon and each customer.

Fubon leverages these ideals and partnerships to help clients create wealth and preserve and pass on their wealth, enabling opportunity to continue from generation to generation.

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