Fubon.com Personal Data Protection Declaration

Fubon.com website (referred to as “this website”) is jointly formed by Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd., Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. , Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd. , Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Fubon Securities Co., Ltd. , Fubon Asset Management Co., Ltd. , Fubon Securities Investment Services Co., Ltd., Fubon Direct Marketing Co., Ltd. , Fubon Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. , Fu Sheng Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. , Fubon Futures Co., Ltd .and new domestic subsidiaries disclosed and announced on this website according to the laws due to future organizational changes (referred to as “Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries”).

  1. To provide diverse services to customers, Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries collect your personal data via the customer service center, electronic newsletter center, product consultation service, website events, other online application services, relevant contacts of mailboxes of Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries, and/or through the use of Cookies or other similar techniques according to the laws. To protect your rights and interests, before saving or registering your personal data or before using this website, you are recommended to read the following declaration carefully. When a customer completes and submits his or her personal data or continues to use this website, he or she shall be deemed to have sufficiently understood and agreed with the following declaration. Pursuant to Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act of R.O.C., users/customers are informed of the following:

  2. Purpose of Collection

    Marketing (or joint marketing); collection, processing and use of personal data by financial service industry according to regulatory requirements or financial supervisory needs; financial dispute handling; consumer and customer management and service; management of advertisement or commercial behaviors; survey, statistics and research analysis; other financial management businesses; other businesses within the scope of the business registration items or prescribed in the articles of incorporation; other consultation and consulting services.

  3. Type of Personal Data

    The type of personal data includes but not limited to your name, identification number, date of birth, address, contact method, marriage status, family status, education, occupation, financial status, mobile and network media information (such as mobile device identification code, mobile device location, social network information, internet network protocol (IP) address, internet network browsing trace within or external of this website, Cookie etc.) and other identifiable personal data obtained through direct or indirect means. (For specific items, please refer to each data saving page or the content of Cautions page).

  4. Period of Use

    The period of use starts from the date when you agree with the saving and registration of personal basic data for the services of the customer service center, electronic newsletter center, product consultation and participation in network events, other online application services and relevant contacts of the mailboxes of Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries to the duration of specific purposes, in accordance with the preservation year prescribed in the laws, contract terms or the preservation year necessary for the data preservation of service execution (the duration of longer period shall prevail).

  5. Region of Use, Subject and Method
    • With regard to your personal data, Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries and relevant outsourced and cooperating partners and cooperating subjects will use your personal data within the specific and necessary scope of purpose, and appropriate security measures are adopted according to the laws to ensure the protection of your personal data.
    • For the personal data registered and saved by you, the region of use of your personal data includes Taiwan (including the regions of Taiwan, Kinmen, Penghu and Matsu) and domestic and foreign areas of the aforementioned subject of use. In addition, the collection, processing, cross-border transmission and use of the personal data are performed according to relevant regulations of the Personal Data Protection Act.
    • Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries will process and use the personal data within the scope of specific purposes via automated machine or other non-automated methods in compliance with relevant personal data protection laws.
  6. Rights of Members or Customers on Individual Personal Data

    With regard to your personal data, according to the laws, you may request to exercise the following rights with the Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries Service Center via the contact method provided:

    • To make an inquiry of and to review your personal data;
    • To request a copy of your personal data;
    • To supplement or correct your personal data;
    • To demand the cessation of the collection, process or use of your personal data; and
    • To request the erase of your personal data.

  7. For the exercise of the aforementioned rights, Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries may charge necessary costs according to the laws. In case where such exercise of rights fails to comply with the application procedure or regulatory requirements, or where Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries bear the obligation to preserve the personal data according to the laws, or where the laws specified otherwise, then it may not be handled according to your request. You may choose, on your own discretion, whether to provide relevant personal data and the type of data. However, if you choose to refuse to provide personal data and type of data that is necessary for the service review or operation, Fubon Financial Holding and Subsidiaries may not be able to perform necessary operations such that relevant services cannot be provided to you, or optimal services cannot be provided.

    This Personal Data Protection Declaration has been implemented since October 1, 2012. However, to cope with the social environment, changes of laws and advancement of technologies, with respect to the purpose of protecting the customer personal data rights, this website reserves the right to revise this declaration at any time, and any updates thereof will be announced on the website timely to inform customers.

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