Happy Fubonite

  • Welfare System

    We have established a market-competitive remuneration system and provide complete and thoughtful benefits. In recent years we have been promoting healthy workplace and friendly workplace campaigns to create a work environment where employees can develop their talents and demonstrate their competence at work.


    • Employee insurance: Labor insurance, NHI, and group insurance.
    • Allowances: wedding, funeral, childbirth, entertainment, children's education, and employee clubs.
    • Leave and pension system.
    • Employee emergency assistance and relief.
    • Employee stock ownership trust (ESOT).
    • Discounts for Fubon products, discounts from contract stores, preferential loan interest.
    • Cash bonuses on three major festivals.

    Healthy Workplace

    We firmly believe that the physical and mental health of employees is key to a happy enterprise. Therefore, we arrange regular health examinations (checkups) for employees and have established a simple gym and massage station for employees to recharge themselves. We have also created an on-line stress test platform to provide employees with professional counseling services in private, take care of their mental health, and inject positive energy, so as to build a healthy workplace.


    Friendly Workplace

    Getting along well with co-workers is the key to sustainable operations. Therefore, we are committed to building a friendly workplace and introducing friendly policies in different aspects: personal safety, worry-free pregnancy, childbirth allowance, parental leave without pay, and daycare benefits.

  • Colorful Employee Activities

    Colorful Employee Activities

    Through various activities, employees are happy in their jobs and enjoy life and maintain a healthy work-life balance:
    • Comprehensive club activities: Photography, hiking, movie appreciation, ballgames, dance, etc.
    • Employee outings.
    • Fubon Family Day Sports Meet.
    • Year-end party.

    Comprehensive club activities

    To bring more fun to employees’ after-work life, we encourage employees to organize clubs for different hobbies and activities. Apart from bringing them fun, club activities provide opportunities for employees to mix with each other.

    Employee outings

    We organize employee trips every year for employees to relax, interact with each other and have fun outside of the office.

    Fubon Family Day

    Fubon Family Day is an annual event for Fubon employees. Activities on the family day include innovative performances, exciting group competitions, and fair stalls. With their families employees enjoy themselves at the event!