Brand Identity

In our corporate identity (CI), Fubon as an honest, dependable, progressive, modest, sincere, professional, and innovative financial company providing multifaceted financial products and services through subsidiaries is presented by means of patterns and contours.

The logo is formed by two sets of solid and bold lines based on the abbreviation of Fubon (F and B). The smooth, curved contour represents Fubon’s corporate culture of a sincere and modest service attitude. The solid square lines symbolize Fubon’s business philosophy founded upon prudence and integrity. The combination of both presents Fubon’s self-control in operations and harmonious and innovative style . The white line in the middle is the circulation channel denoting it is secure and dependable for customers to direct capital to Fubon.

The blue and green colors bringing a refreshing sense of space represent Fubon’s efforts to realize its vision to become the “best financial institution in Asia” with a professional and innovative spirit and a macro international perspective.