Security Measures

Fubon Financial Holdings Customer Information Security Measures

Fubon Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “Fubon Group”) endeavored to deliver a comprehensive range of financial products and services under a secure transaction processing environment. Fubon Group’s management decisions are guided by four core values consisting of integrity, sincerity, professionalism, and innovation. Under adherence to uphold customer privacy, Fubon Group stays by and complies with “The Financial Holding Company Act,” “The Personal Information Protection Act,” “The Management Rules for Co-Selling Arrangement among Subsidiaries of Financial Holding Company,” and relevant rules and regulations promulgated by competent authorities with respect to the collection, process and usage of customer information in fulfilling Fubon group’s commitment of confidentiality. Following are security measures adopted by Fubon Group:

  1. Collection of information

    Within the marketing and transactional activities, Fubon Group collects customers’ information only under customer’s consent or upon agreeing to a contractual statement. Public information, data disclosed by regulatory authorities or by authorized third parties are also sources of the data collection.

  2. Storage and management of data

    Customers’ information are stored within Fubon Group’s highly secured database, appropriate measures including strict access control and managerial procedures are in places designed to safeguard against unauthorized access and to maintain data security. Regulated with Fubon Group’s internal management procedures, appropriate authorization are required to access to or amend any data stored.

  3. Safety and protection measures

    Fubon Group uses information security technology to transmit and encrypt information. Fubon Group uses firewalls to protect customers’ information from unauthorized access and illegal exploitation and uses encryption technology to safeguard stored passphrases against illegal access.

  4. Classification and usage of personal information

    Collection of customers’ information consists of demographic data, accounts data, credit data, investment data, and insurance data as classified as follows:

    1. (I) Demographic data: Names, birth dates, ID card numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and emails.
    2. (II) Accounts data: Account numbers or of similar functions, credit card numbers, deposit account numbers, transaction account numbers, status of loans/deposit, other transactions, and financial status.
    3. (III) Credit data: Default cheque records, cancellation record, dishonored account record, and business operation information.
    4. (IV) Investment data: Investment target, amount and time of investment.
    5. (V) Insurance data: Type, duration, coverage, and payment methods of insurance bought, claim status, and denial record.

    Customers’ information will be exchanged and disclosed among Fubon subsidiaries involved in co-selling with reference to applicable laws and regulations or the scope of information provisions specified in the application form or agreement customers have signed with a Fubon subsidiary.

  5. Purpose of use of customer information

    In order to provide a more complete, more comprehensive and more preferential financial and wealth products and services that meet the customers’ needs, and subject to regulatory requirements or customers’ approval, Fubon Group will disclose, transmit or use customers’ information across different parties for the purpose of promoting our business and services, subcontracting third parties to provide relevant services or complying with competent authorities’ requirement.

  6. Disclosure of customer information

    As permitted by regulatory requirement or under customers’ consent and approval, customers’ information may be disclosed within Fubon Group, to third-party service providers or regulatory agencies by a Fubon subsidiary.

  7. Change or modification of customer information

    Customers may change their personal information by calling customer service, visiting, or sending a written request to any of Fubon subsidiaries’ service counters.

  8. Withdraw from co-selling

    Customers can notify Fubon subsidiaries in writing, by email or contacting customer service. Upon the customer’s request, Fubon subsidiaries will stop sharing the customer’s information with other subsidiaries involving in co-selling activities.

  9. Notification of personal information modification or withdrawal

    Fubon subsidiaries will inform their customers in writing or by email apart from the public announcement made as a notification for personal information modification or opting out from the co-selling program.

  10. Fubon subsidiaries that may share the customers’ information in co-selling with other subsidiaries are as follows:
    • Taipei Fubon Bank Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Securities Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Asset Management Co., Ltd.
    • Fubon Futures Co., Ltd.
    • Fu Sheng General Insurance Agency.
    • Fu Sheng Life Insurance Agency.

This security measures were last updated on June 9 , 2017 and Fubon Financial Holdings will keep monitoring and make adjustments from time to time to the content herein according to the development of social environment and laws as well as technology advancement.