Fubon Financial Holdings has identified eight primary stakeholders, and the status of stakeholder communications is reported to the board of directors twice a year.
Communication Frequency
and Channel
Issues of
  • Occasional participation in seminars and briefings held by competent authorities.
  • Operating data compiled and revenue reported monthly as required by competent authorities.
  • CPA-audited financial statements released quarterly.
  • Annual report and sustainability report issued annually; shareholders meeting held annually.
  • Corporate gover-nance and ethical management
  • ESG risk management
  • Information security
  • Named as a constituent of the Taiwan Stock Exchange’s “Taiwan Corporate Governance Top 100 Index” seven times in a row (2015-2021).
  • Participated in a Taiwan Stock Exchange meeting to discuss third-party verified content of sustainability reports compiled and reported by companies in the financial services and insurance sectors.
  • Took part in test planning of Taiwan taxonomy standards for sustainable finance.
  • Supplier CSR training and a CSR conference with suppliers organized annually.
  • CSR evaluation of suppliers conducted annually.
  • Information shared with suppliers on Fubon’s participation in supply chain ratings and awards won.
  • Corporate gover-nance and ethical management
  • Compliance and anti-crime measures
  • Information security
  • CSR training organized for suppliers was centered around a digital course on GHG emissions management; after completing the course, suppliers were allowed to compete in bids for Fubon contracts.
  • 2021 supplier evaluation process involved 206 suppliers, a participation rate of 94%, up 2 percentage points from 2020.
  • Supplier CSR Conference held in 2021 at which results of the supplier evaluations were explained and recommendations on management improvements were given; also, best performers received commendations.
  • Shared with suppliers that Fubon was selected to the CDP Supplier Engagement Leaderboard in 2020, giving them a feel for global supply chain management trends.
  • Radio programs and publications produced regularly
  • Occasional events held by foundations
  • CSR mailbox
  • Regulatory compliance and anti-crime mea-sures
  • Low carbon operation
  • Multifaceted Philanthropic Platform
  • Participated in the 2021 Sustainable Finance Forum and discussed the actions Fubon has taken on sustainable finance and their results.
  • Participated in the Global Views Leaders Forum in 2021 and discussed Fubon’s ESG practices.
  • Was invited by National Chengchi University’s Department of Advertising to talk about Fubon’s promotion of its Run For Green initiative to tie marathon runs to tree-planting.
  • In response to global calls for net-zero emissions by 2050, Fubon held a “Run For Green” press conference announcing its commitment to go green.
  • Organized a “Mask” value creation experience, at which visitors could see how discarded masks could be turned into mobile phone charging pads; the event promoted circular economy values, the importance of recycling waste, and other sustainability concepts.
  • Embraced the United Nations Sports for Climate Action framework by communicating sustainability values to participants of sports events organized and sponsored by Fubon.
  • Activities and donations publicly shared on foundations’ websites
  • Foundations and community exchanges facilitated through Fubon’s annual gifts and premiums program
  • Corporate gover-nance and ethical management
  • Customer rela-tionship management
  • Multifaceted Philanthropic Platform
  • Organized the “Fubon Globalization Forum” with National Taiwan University’s Risk Society and Policy Research Center to discuss the transition to net-zero emissions by 2050; representatives from the private and public sectors, academia, and NPOs were invited to offer insight on climate and net-zero issues.
  • Visited ESG experts in various fields to get advice on sustainability.
  • Was invited to the “Green Footrace Forum,” discussed Fubon’s Run For Green initiative and efforts to use its financial influence to promote greener competitions; also connected with sports clubs and associations.
  • Engaged with NPOs/NGOs through Unity Sustainability Services’ Sustainability iLab.
  • Revenues reported monthly
  • Investors conference held quarterly
  • Participation in domestic/ foreign investor forums occasionally to discuss the Company’s finances and business
  • Contact persons, email addresses for investors posted on Investor Relations and Stakeholders web pages
  • Corporate gover-nance and ethical management
  • ESG risk man-agement
  • Tax governance
  • Organized 120 meetings with investors.
  • Reported shareholder opinions every quarter and strengthened the management of our communications with shareholders.
  • Participated in investor forums organized by Goldman Sachs, Citigroup Global Markets Taiwan Securities, J.P. Morgan , BoA, CLSA, UBS, Credit Suisse, QIC, and ICA.
  • Customer complaint channels and customer service hotline available
  • Customer satisfaction surveys conducted regularly
  • Corporate seminars and risk management courses held occasionally
  • Information security
  • FinTech and innovation
  • Customer rela-tionship manage-ment
  • Key service indicators and satisfaction survey monitored and tracked monthly to meet custom-er needs
  • Brand survey conducted annually, quantitative data from questionnaires and qualitative data from interviews at seminars used to track consumers and customers’ image of the Fubon brand.
  • Taipei Fubon Bank has set up a “Customer Feedback Channel” at its branches, providing QR codes on display stands and stamp pads through which customers can provide feedback in real time.
  • Intelligent customer service system adopted to expand customer service capacity and improve customer satisfaction
  • Press release issued occasio-nally
  • Dedicated divisions and person-nel in charge of communicating with and responding to the media
  • Corporate gover-nance and ethi-cal management
  • Information security
  • Regulatory compliance and anti-crime mea-sures
  • 434 press releases issued by the financial holding company, its subsidiaries and foundations in 2021.
  • A public relations department and its seven full-time professionals are responsible for handling media communications for the financial holding company and its subsidiaries and provide timely responses to media inquiries.
  • Press conferences held occasionally
  • Quarterly investor conferences held and open to media; conferences are hosted by Fubon Financial Holdings' president, who answers questions from media at these events.
  • New collective agreements negotiated after three-year terms of previous agreements end
  • Labor-management meetings and occupational safety and health meetings held quarterly
  • Senior management and employee meetings held annually; they were canceled in 2021 because of COVID-19
  • Employee satisfaction surveys conducted every two years
  • Established an “Employee Grievance” section on Fubon’s internal website
  • Talent develop-ment and reten-tion
  • Healthy workplace
  • Corporate gover-nance and ethical management
  • Two-way labor-management communications maintained on worker benefits and working conditions; they help promote better labor-management cooperation and relations.
  • Meetings on a labor agreement were held with Jih Sun Financial Holdings employees; the negotiating process and positive impact of an employee placement program and collective agreement fostered labor-management harmony and protected the rights and interests of Jih Sun workers.