Increasing public awareness over loss control and generalizing ESG issues

Corporate Loss Control Seminars

Fubon Insurance serves enterprise customers in fields including manufacturing, optoelectronics, and high-tech, whose production lines and commercial operations are prone to be affected by natural disasters due to the unique geographical environment in Taiwan. Therefore, apart from helping customers draw up a complete insurance plan, Fubon Insurance also develops ESG risk training tailored to customers in different industries. The themes of training include the sharing of earthquake-proof installation of machines, fire risks and post-disaster improvement.

In 2021, Fubon Insurance held 10 seminars on loss control technology and education and training for customers with a total of 334 attendees, which included the "Seminar on Risk Management for Directors and Supervisors" with Taiwan Corporate Governance Association and the “Seminar on Digital Governance for Directors and Supervisors” with Taiwan Digital Governance Association, explaining the liability risks of directors and supervisors and information security practices.

Fubon Insurance also provides customized education and training as well as loss control technology seminars for specific enterprise customers, and has been invited to deliver onsite lectures for multiple times by renowned industry leaders in manufacturing and optoelectronics. Fubon Insurance is committed to improving customers’ risk management in software and hardware facilities to the international level, and practicing core skills of the insurance industry and realizing corporate social responsibility by virtue of services such as risk assessment, risk reduction, post-disaster equipment rescue and supporting customers in post-disaster recovery.

Educational Campaigns on Auto Insurance Loss Control

As traffic accidents crop up here and there, victims have no clue how to deal with the scene of the accident and have nowhere to turn at last. Fubon Insurance thus flings itself into the voluntary educational campaign of auto insurance loss control, in hope of instilling into the public correct driving concepts so that they can properly respond when an accident happens.

Fubon Insurance also selects outstanding customer service officers to form an “Auto Insurance Related Loss Control Promotion Instructor Team”, who will deliver knowledge about driving loss control and safety at the customers’ site upon their requests, thereby lowering the incidence of traffic accidents. The instructors will also share how to respond to an accident to help customers protect their own interests. This service has been widely recognized by the public since its launch in 2015, and some authorities or organizations have included Fubon Insurance’s promotion service for the insured into their education program.

A total of 238 campaigns were organized in during 2020 to 2022, with over 10,000 participants.In addition to customers, Fubon Insurance also delivers courses to other insurance companies, car rental companies, regional mediation committees, Armed Forces Reserve Command, district offices, the surveyors association and the Association for Victims Support.