Got a Foot in the Door in 1961

Founded on April 19, 1961, Fubon Insurance is at once the first private property insurance company in Taiwan and the most long-standing affiliate of Fubon Group. It could be rated as the forerunner of the Group.

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Sticking to its “Customer-Oriented” service principle, Fubon Insurance is always committed to providing customers with more diverse and more suitable insurance products and services. It expects to build up its brand and reputation so as to be the market leader and the first choice of customers for insurance thanks to the best company policies and product strategies. Fubon Insurance is fully aware that a full-fledged insurance business is indispensable for a modern country. Therefore, the company lays equal stress on both profit seeking and sustainability.

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Integrity · Sincerity · Professionalism · Innovation

Our Core Values

In terms of practical actions, Fubon Insurance is dedicated to every aspect of the company including corporate governance, professional management, caring for employees and satisfying customers. As for business philosophies, it strives to put its core values of “Integrity, Sincerity, Professionalism and Innovation” into practice, of which integrity is the cornerstone of our business, sincerity is essential in the service industry, professionalism is the niche marketing edge of modern enterprises, and innovation is the key to remaining competitive.


is the cornerstone of our business


is essential in the service industry


is the key to remaining competitive


is the niche marketing edge of modern enterprises

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Industry Pioneer with 60 Years of Experience

With the efforts of its professional teams, Fubon Insurance retains its leading market position and penetrates into all walks of life with diverse insurance products. Its professional loss control services not only cover insurance services, but also comprehensive risk management solutions for customers, which is its unique strength in insurance business. See Our Story

Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility

Fubon Insurance highlights its “people-first and customer-oriented” service principle, and values its social responsibility for contribution to society, environmental protection, energy conservation, and emission reduction. Mr. Tsai Wan-tsai, Chairman of Fubon Group, always insists that “Enterprises benefiting from the society should bear giving back to society in mind”. Taking this as the company’s guideline, Fubon Insurance persists in sponsoring and participating in charity campaigns, and does its utmost to do business. It fully undertakes its social responsibility and contributes to the broader community, devoting itself to supporting varied public welfare.

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A Sense of Commitment to make constant headway

Keeping moving forward with a sense of responsibility and commitment as a corporate citizen, Fubon Insurance expects to be one of the social driving forces with consistent efforts and contributions to society.

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