Popularize risk education in different fields.,
Enhance public awareness on sustainable risk towards sustainable management.

Digital Risk Education Picture Book “Magic in the Kitchen”

Fubon Insurance made tailored picture book in life risk education for children. "Magic in the Kitchen" uses anthropomorphic animal roles and abundant colors attract children to immerse in the story scene. Design of interactive learning sheets deepen children's risk awareness, establishing risk management knowledge and insurance concepts.

It is free to download the digital picture book and hand-made picture book material. You can choose to read the digital version with your children together or download the hand-made material to make your own risk education picture book with your children. Enjoy your parent-child time to read together.

Fubon Insurance expects to enhance children’s risk awareness, and to strengthen the safety of children at home through interesting risk teaching materials in school, house, and other co-reading places.


  • “Magic in the Kitchen” digital version En CN
  • “Magic in the Kitchen” hand-made version CN

“Fubon Safely Go!” Online driving game

“Fubon Safely Go!” driving game is designed for people who like playing games, in order to educate publics on driving risks, basic auto insurance knowledge. Enhance the driving risk awareness and popularize the concept of using insurance to diversify risks through simple and interesting driving game and abundant incentives.

Fubon 60 Birthday Day Lyckydraw

Fubon Insurance IG Official account

Fubon Insurance engage with parents by providing interesting stories and education materials on Instagram to enhance children’s risk awareness on household, outdoor, health…etc. and reduce the chance of various accidents occurrences.

Fubon Insurance IG Official account