Loss Control Service

Fubon Insurance was the first insurer to set up the Loss Control Department in 1995. It arranges seminars on loss control technologies, introduces international safety practices and helps customers improve their management systems and facilities according to international standards.

Top-Notch Technical Team for Loss Control

The loss control team, comprising 16 engineers specializing in fields ranging from fire protection, environmental engineering, chemical engineering and industrial safety to electrical engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering and geotechnical engineering and providing consulting services for customers on loss control technologies, is the most competitive risk engineering and technology services team in the industry.

Proactive Loss Control

Fubon Insurance capitalizes on its unique loss control technologies, and provides enterprises with customized risk assessment and improvement suggestions, in order to replace passive loss indemnity with proactive loss control.

Natural Disaster Prevention

Fubon assisted high-tech customers in boosting the seismic performance of the machine, which proved to be effective in the Meinung Earthquake. Fubon also devoted itself to the research on the seismic performance of stone materials and provided them to those in the Hualien stone industry for free.

Green Energy Development

Fubon joined hands with research institutes for the development of wind resistance standards for solar power plants and invested in the risk assessment of offshore wind power upstream and downstream supply chain.

Information Security Maintenance

Fubon cooperates with international experts and reinsurance companies to pioneer in tailor-making the full-process cyber security solution.

Environmental Protection

Fubon provides pollution prevention advisory services and insurance cover to facilitate enterprises to enhance self-management, reduce the burden of removal and remediation costs, and deliver good performance in environmental management, thus bringing about a win-win situation for the government, enterprises and environment.

Crossover and Introducing Resources

The Company will integrate insurance and engineering technologies by introducing various resources so as to benefit customers, employees and families, and enhance the resilience of social assets and the brand value of Fubon.

Fubon Insureance Loss Control Services