Promotion of paperless policies and implementation of energy-conservation strategies

Following the ISO 14064-1:2018, Fubon Insurance completed the GHG check of its service sites in 2019, continued to carry out relevant plans of voluntary GHG reduction, and committed to sustainable development.

Forerunner of E-Policy for Low Carbon Emissions and Privacy Protection

Fubon Insurance took the lead in the industry in providing e-policy at the end of 2015, and partnered with Taiwan’s online certification companies. Each policy will be certified by the Insurance-policy Authentication & Validation (ISAV) (a provider third-party certification Cloud services) before delivery so as to protect personal data. In addition, customers can check their policy content on any electronic device within one hour after insurance application. In addition to establishing an electronic policy area on the official website, Fubon Insurance disseminates the strengths and application process of e-policy, and encourages its employees to promote the use of e-policies to customers through an incentive mechanism.

In 2019, Fubon Insurance continued to advocate e-policies instead of paper-based ones, and sent a total number of about 2.45 million compulsory automobile liability insurance e-cards and 2.16 million e-policies, reducing carbon emissions by 448,562 kg.

Submit comprehensive insurance records to the supervisory authority in a timely manner
Provide an A4 poster for the counter
Provide instant query and download functions on the official website
Add communication content in the notice of insurance renewal
Provide compulsory automobile liability insurance e-card download QR code for motor insurance policy

Green office buildings for power saving and sustainability

Deployment of solar panels in succession in line with the government’s green energy policy

Solar Panel Installation Status

Building Panels’ Total Installation Volume Reached 81.15 kW

Committed to Business Missions

Fubon Insurance is committed to the philosophy of environmental sustainability. For the purpose of energy conservation, the Company has integrated energy saving system into its facilities, such as elevators, air conditioners, lighting, water resources management and computer equipment. It believes that environmental protection is not just a slogan, but should be put into practice with a deep faith rooted in mind.

It has also established an energy conservation and environmental protection supervision mechanism, with deputy general managers or above as the principal of each building through selection, and with assistant general managers or above, or the senior manager with the highest position as the principal of each floor of the building. For each business unit, it is the head of the unit that takes charge of the Energy Conservation Task Force to ensure that the environmental protection and energy conservation measures are carried out on each floor.

In addition, the Company endeavors to encourage its employees to develop good environmental protection habits by holding office environmental protection competitions on a regular basis. For example, it holds the “Office Environmental Protection Campaign and Energy Conservation Competition for Business Units” with a period of one year and a random check once a quarter. It selects the Preferred Unit based on the all-year-round average scores of each quarter, and selects the Champion Unit by calculating the growth rate of the current year (as the competition standard) based on the electricity consumption data of each unit in the previous year (as the base period).

In 2019, a total number of 2,820 employees participated in the energy-saving competition


In 2019, the total weight of recyclables from the Fubon Insurance Building was about 43 tons

43 tons

In 2019, the electricity consumption of Fubon Insurance Building was 2,262,048 kWh, representing a decrease of 8% from 2,458,075 kWh in 2018.