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Provide professional advice

Fubon Insurance provides safety diagnosis for enterprises or large-scale construction projects on a regular basis by reference to various international fire protection standards. Besides, Fubon conducts performance-based assessment, offers appropriate risk improvement recommendations and helps the insured to yield benefits on the risk management cost with the self-developed quantitative risk assessment models.

Professional Courses about Loss Control

Assist enterprises in providing training courses every year

What lies at the foundation of the effectiveness of enterprise risk management is the recognition and development of risk management culture. In order to assist the insured in building enterprise risk management culture, the Loss Control Service Dept of Fubon Insurance has made ongoing efforts to promote the relevant communication and training in recent years, including the regular staging of seminars and the arrangement of customized professional courses, etc. The related training courses are available for 30 days per year on average, and the main course names are as follows.

Participants: Supervisors and HSE technicians on customers’ side

  • Explosion-proof electrical equipment
  • Chemical safety
  • Chemical vapor cloud explosions
  • Quantitative risk analysis and assessment of chemical process
Risk management
  • Loss control (risk management)
  • Emergency response
  • Corporate business continuity plan (BCP)
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Process change management
  • Process safety assessment
  • Overview of process safety management
Fireproof of buildings
  • Building structure and safety distance
  • Building structure and fire-resistant area
Comprehensive courses
  • Introduction to infrared thermography testing
  • Safety protection for electrical appliances (including transformers) Case analysis of insurance claims
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire hydrants (including fire pumps)
  • CO2 system
  • Gas extinguishing system
  • Hydraulic calculation of the CO2 system
  • Automated sprinkler system
  • Hydraulic calculation of the automated sprinkler system
  • Pipe support and shock-proof design
  • Automated sprinkler system of warehouses
  • Water mist (fine water mist) system
  • How to seek asylum and escape the fire
  • Standards of provision of fire safety equipment in various places
  • Cleanroom protection
  • Tour of the fire classroom
Construction engineering
  • Seismic risk evaluation of buildings
  • Seismic-resistant assessment of equipment and machines
  • Risks of construction projects
  • Construction risk of deep excavation
  • Construction risk of bridge projects
  • Construction risk of tunnel projects
  • Construction risk of pipe culvert projects
  • Construction risk of earthworks and road works
  • Labor safety and health management