Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Institutional Investor Due Diligence Code

Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd.'s main business item is the life insurance business, which is defined as the "asset owner" in the "institutional investor" stipulated by the "Institutional Investor Due Diligence Code". In order to fulfill the responsibility of asset management and enhance the long-term value of itself and the fund provider, the company signed the "Institutional Investor Due Diligence Code" on October 26, 2018, stating that it follows the six principles of the "Institutional Investor Due Diligence Code" , including:

1. Formulate and disclose due diligence policies

2. Formulate and disclose conflict of interest management policies

3. Continue to focus on the investee company

4. Conduct appropriate dialogue and interaction with the investee company

5. Establish a clear voting policy and disclose the voting condition

6. Regularly disclose to customers or beneficiaries for the performance of due diligence