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Personal Information Protection Statement

In order to protect your interests, please carefully read the Personal Information Protection Statement on and of each subsidiary (Taipei Fubon Bank, Fubon Insurance, Fubon Life Insurance, Fubon Securities, Fubon Asset Management, Fubon Futures, Fubon Direct Marketing, Fu Sheng Life Insurance Agency, Fu Sheng General Insurance Agency). By clicking “I understand and agree to the terms of this statement” button or submitting the enquiry, you will be deemed to have fully understood and agreed to the contents of the abovementioned statement. You may provide relevant personal information at your own discretion. Please understand that we may not be able to continue the process or provide relevant services or improve existing services for you if you refuse to provide your personal information and classification.

I understand and agree to the terms of this statement.

This website (and the company) has a " Personal Data Protection Declaration" and a " Privacy Protection Policy." (For more information, please refer to the " Personal Data Protection Declaration" and " Privacy Protection Policy)".This website uses cookies to record and access information about your browsing history to improve user experience and optimize the website service. By continuing to use this website, you understand and consent to the policies, as well as the Company’s use of your personal data and other information (including but not limited to cookies).


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