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Fubon Art Foundation launches 3-year ‘Art versus Sports’ plan


The long-term art development and support programs of the Fubon Art Foundation, under the ‘gallery without walls’ principle, are aiming to create a variety of memorable metropolitan images. Between 2019 and 2020, the foundation maintained its support of sports-themed art creations—using recycled materials to make batting helmets, as well as baseball bats to renovate the stadium seats that prompted sustainability and sports-oriented artworks. In addition, the Foundation promotes sustainable artworks via online charity auctions, gallery exhibitions, and social media campaigns, underscoring its financial commitment to charity and social welfare, and an environmentally sustainable society.

Airbrushed batting helmet rollout for junior league baseball wins widespread support

In celebration of its 20-year anniversary, the Fubon Art Foundation embarked on campaigns with four traditional Chinese adult education themes—‘Celebrating 20ish-year-old and Growing Stronger’, ‘Life Goals Setting’, ’Friendship Selection’, and ‘Studying Hard’—by rolling out airbrushed batting helmets and trash bags, documentary films about friendship, and digital library for artworks that redefined appreciation and creation of art and beauty. Notably, the foundation invited 20 celebrities across all lines of business to participate in creating 20 distinctive batting helmet designs featuring the theme of ‘Celebrating 20ish-year-old and Growing Stronger’ for online charity auctions that raised roughly NT$3mn. Since 2018, the auctions have provided financial support to the ‘Hsu Sheng-ming Baseball Development Association’, enhancing the marriage between art and sports, consolidating resources and efforts to optimize benefits, and supporting the development of the next generation.

’Giant’s Seats’-inspired stadium seats made from scrap

Under the principle of creativity and secular humanism, the Fubon Art Foundation went beyond literal sports-themed artworks to the next level by realizing the beauty of environmental and eco-friendly art ideas by inviting Cheng-Liang Li, a budding artist, to use recycled folding chairs to design seats for the XinZhuang Baseball Stadium. At the ‘VERY FUN PARK' 19 Contemporary Art Exhibition in 2019, a colossal sculpture titled ‘Giant’s seats’, created by him, was showcased on the green lawn in front of the Taipei New Horizon Building. The sculpture is built in a reclining position, and is made of bent and welded parts and pieces cut from discarded folding chairs. It conceptualizes dreams of success (whether big or small), and viewers can interact with the sculpture while seated.

Rollout of chopsticks made of broken bats

Adhering to the principles of sport-inspired and sustainable art creations, the Fubon Art Foundation recycled broken bats to make chopsticks, an indispensable part of Asian cuisine. This integrated art with sustainability, and also served a practical purpose. As the bats’ breaking points differed, making the chopsticks required cutting and shredding to obtain equal-length sticks before scaling and polishing, painting, and other finishing processes took place. Seeking to fulfil the ideas of the ‘Power of Positivity’ and eco friendliness, the finished product—a pair of chopsticks—included thin and long sticks and baseball-inspired heads with marked wood varnish colors that showcased their beauty. The black sticks are elegant and sophisticated. The Fubon Art Foundation donated the chopsticks to subsidiaries of the Fubon Group to help their employees better understand art, including by enhancing their aesthetic appreciation, and thus learning about the inside and outside worlds of art.
The Foundation also came up with three Instagram filters/presets in hopes that authentic digital interactions in 2021 will bring constant surprises to the public as well as the ‘Power of Positivity’ to art in real life.

Please follow the steps below to get started with the filters:

1. Access our QR Code Reader directly from your mobile device's home screen to log onto Instagram

2. View Instagram stories by tapping on the shutter button and clicking on the Search button to find “fubonart_foundation” or “3-year plan” (in Mandarin Chinese)

3. Please check the Fubon Art Foundation’s website at http://www.fubonart.org.tw/event/special/282 for details of our plans.