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Claims settlement process upgraded again! Fubon Insurance launches “immediate handling” and “node notification” services


Providing diverse, convenient online application channels, customers rest assured they can instantaneously monitor claims progress

Insurance services are constantly innovating due to advances in technology. To ensure a more convenient claims application, Fubon Insurance announced that it was upgrading its auto insurance settlement process by launching “immediate handling” and “node notification” services. In the event of an accident, customers can complete their claims settlement application through a 0800 number, official website, M+, or the Fubon Insurance app. They can not only save time waiting from application to settlement compared to past processes, but also monitor the progress in real time. Fubon Insurance is using process innovation to catalyze a new insurance settlement experience in order to provide better insurance services.

Fubon Insurance actively cultivates insurance technology applications. This year, “immediate handling” and “node notification” are launched when a customer makes a claim or status inquiry after an auto accident. Effective immediately, when a customer makes a claims application through 0800, official website, Line, M+, or Fubon Insurance app, Fubon Insurance will assign it to designated claims personnel. The customer only has to provide basic information, such as the license plate of the insured, date of the accident, and the driver’s phone number. At the same time, Fubon Insurance will send a text providing the customer with a claims number and the contact information of the claims personnel. This shortens waiting times when it comes to the completion of claims settlement.

Fubon Insurance classifies the claims handling process into several nodes: handling, evidence-gathering, automobile inspection, settlement, and case closure. After each of the nodes is completed, it notifies the customer through text or e-mail to allow them to monitor the progress of their application. If additional documents are required, the customer can directly contact claims personnel after the documents have been gathered so as to ensure the signing off of the claims application, thereby accelerating the settlement process.

By monitoring social demand, Fubon Insurance has been able to provide innovative products and services to respond to customer problems. Through the development of insurance technology, it rewards them with more outstanding services, creates new value, releases corporate influence to create a positive cycle, and maintains social harmony.