Fubon Financial

Fubon Financial Holdings Chosen as Composition of MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes for the First Time


Receiving Grade A from MSCI ESG Rating in Diversified Financial Category - Taiwan

MSCI ESG Rating, a sustainability performance rating institution, announced Fubon Financial Holdings as a composition of MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes. Due to exceptional performance in economic, environmental and social aspects, Fubon Financial Holdings received Grade A from MSCI ESG Rating in the Diversified Financial Category - Taiwan.

MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes is one of the respected sustainability performance indicators for institutions around the world. MSCI ESG Rating has mentioned in its report the outstanding performances of Fubon Financial Holdings in areas such as corporate governance and human resource development. The report shows that Fubon Financial Holdings not only excels in business performance, but devotes significant effort to sustainability as well.

Fubon Financial Holdings Chairman Richard Tsai said that, in order to cope with the risks and opportunities associated with climate and social changes, Fubon Financial Holdings began an "ESG Visioning Project" in the end of 2015 that introduced five main strategies targeting: "leading investment," "innovative finance," "golden practice," "honest lending" and "tender care." Through ESG Visioning Project, Fubon contributes to 12 of the United Nation's "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) including good health & well-being, quality education, climate action, and sustainable cities and communities. Having been chosen as a composition of "MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes" is a strong affirmation to the organization's efforts.

Fubon Financial Holdings Vice Chairman Daniel Tsai said that the Company has implemented five main strategies that are being executed through a number of action plans that sought to: establish responsible investment/lending guidelines, develop environment-friendly and innovative products, adapt sustainability values into internal operations, and make use of financial profession in talent training and caring for the socially disadvantaged. While Fubon Financial Holdings strives to maximize returns for shareholders, the organization also exerts positive influence and leads others toward sustainability.