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Taipei Fubon Bank Quickens Digital Transformation and Aims to Achieve 70% of Digital Branches by Year-end


Digital transformation of banking service is an inevitable trend under the Bank 3.0 era. In an attempt to optimize customers' digital banking experience, Taipei Fubon Bank has been actively creating a new generation of digital branches, and had 65 locations fitted with the latest digital banking facilities by mid-May this year. Taipei Fubon Bank will quicken its digital transformation in the second half of the year, and plans to remodel another 20 branches. By the end of December, more than 70% of its branches will be transformed into new-generation digital branches.

According to Taipei Fubon Bank, the nationwide branch upgrade began in May 2013 and included several adjustments to the existing branch network. In addition to creating new branches in New Taipei City, Taichung City, Tainan City and Kaohsiung City, some existing branches were relocated to more suitable locations for wider service coverage. The Bank currently has 65 new-generation digital branches; 12 of which are new branches, 11 of which are relocated branches, and another 5 branches will complete remodeling over the next three months (Jun ~ Aug). By the end of this year, Taipei Fubon Bank expects more than 70% (out of 127) of its branches to complete digital transformation.

The new-generation digital branch features a more spacious and comfortable lobby that enables better customer flow. To further integrate virtual channels, each service lobby has a "Digital Service Section" created where customers are able to make reservations for account opening or make inquiries on asset portfolio or transactions using tablet PC or smartphone, and thus saving time on waiting. Furthermore, all platinum wealth management rooms are equipped with tablet PCs that customers may use to check their portfolio and market movements during consultation. The digital transformation not only increases service efficiency, but brings customers a whole new digital banking experience as well.

Apart from hardware upgrades, the new generation of digital branches will also focus on developing local relations. Activities such as Chinese New Year celebrations, tax planning and investment seminars will be organized during festive occasions, tax-filing seasons, and to address popular financial topics. Depending on the needs of local customers, seminars on other topics such as wine tasting, flower arrangement, and health will also be organized to facilitate stronger interaction and connection with customers and local residents. In appreciation of customers' support, each digital branch will be offering limited concessions and exclusive discounts for new and existing customers during opening celebration.

Taipei Fubon Bank has devoted much attention to catering for customers' needs and providing heartful services in recent years. With the creation of new-generation digital branches, the Bank hopes to achieve full integration between physical (branch) and virtual (Internet banking and mobile banking) channels, thereby offering customers the comfort of a spacious environment and access to timely and convenient online banking experience at the "Digital Service Section" whenever they visit. In the meantime, Taipei Fubon Bank will continue exploring innovative digital banking services as a means to improve service value and gain early advantage in the race of financial technology.