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Fubon Life Won Top Place in CommonWealth Magazine's Golden Service Award - Insurance Category


Fubon Life's motivation to fulfilling young people's career dreams and delivering top quality service was well-recognized this April! Overall, the company claimed 1st place in CommonWealth Magazine's "2017 Golden Service Award" in the insurance category and was named "Most Admired Company - Life Insurance Category" for both Back-end Division and Sales Division for the seventh consecutive year! According to the results of the latest "2017 Golden Service Award" published by CommonWealth Magazine, Fubon Life was awarded the best rating in history and stood out among peers from brand awareness, service quality, penetration, satisfaction, service environment, service efficiency, service attitude, to innovative capacity, which earned it the No. 1 place in the insurance category. Furthermore, in a survey conducted by RMIM Inc. for "Most Admired Life Insurance Company," Fubon Life received significantly higher number of votes as compared to peers, and was named the most desirable place to begin career for the 7th time!

Delivering heartfelt service and creating dream career opportunities

Fubon Life has always been committed to its values of "Integrity, Sincerity, Professionalism, and Innovation" when serving customers. These values have been adopted throughout the organization and are continually implemented and improved upon. The expansion of service locations, product and service lines, and introduction of smart technologies in recent years have provided Fubon Life with a more comprehensive service network, and for which it earned the respect of its customers. Fubon Life accepts talent development as part of its corporate social responsibilities, and therefore invites young people to join its organization. In return, Fubon Life offers solid training, extensive service network, complete product range and efficient digital support to create an environment where dream careers are made true. President Benson Chen of Fubon Life said that the company will continue utilizing its young sales force, extensive service network, product diversity, and advanced service technology to create a work environment for young people to build their dreams. Furthermore, the company expects to recruit 7,000 additional employees and further expand its service locations to welcome new talents.

EWB Maximizes Service Coverage and Eliminates Urban-Suburban Difference

Localized Charity Efforts Through Neighborhood Service and Charity Ambassador

It has come to Fubon Life's attention that 70% of insurance resources and services are concentrated in metropolitan areas. In an attempt to expand service reach to all corners of Taiwan, Fubon Life has begun the "Employment Without Borders" (EWB) project in 2014 that encourages young people to start their own insurance businesses locally at their home town, and thereby reduce urban-suburban difference. The EWB project produced stunning results over the last 3 years. By the end of the previous year, the company already had nearly one hundred service locations spread throughout central, southern and eastern Taiwan. Each service location had launched its own "Neighborhood Service" and "Charity Ambassador" programs to help local non-profit organizations conduct charity activities, and thereby conveyed Fubon Life's attention to the local community and charity affairs.

Fubon Life has also been developing a "Cloud Learning Center" to train new employees without the constraint of space. In doing so, the company was able to localize its successful experience from metropolitan areas, and satisfy customers' need for one-stop shopping anywhere in Taiwan.

Product and Service Development - Innovative Insurance Products

Satisfying Customers' Insurance Needs with Major Disaster Support and Tracking Center for Immediate Support

In light of Taiwan's aging population, Fubon Life finds it increasingly important to help customers develop the right insurance coverage and prepare for the future. The company continued to introduce innovative products ahead of peers by launching two in-kind benefit policies ("health management" and "funeral service") toward the end of the previous year. Together, they satisfy customers' need for health protection and a dignified death. Fubon Life plans to launch a usage-based insurance in the second half of April that offers protection for critical illness and death and combines the use of wearable device. This policy will encourage policyholders to walk outdoors and grant discounts on subsequent year's premium if policyholder maintains the average number of paces per year. This health insurance program is intended to promote policyholders' health awareness by encouraging them to exercise or walk regularly, and thereby reduce the chance of critical illness and extend their survival rate.

Fubon Life sees itself as a critical part to the security of society, and has adopted its corporate social responsibility to contribute to the security of Taiwan's society. For this purpose, Fubon Life has created the industry's first "Major Disaster Support and Tracking Center" to provide immediate care and support for families in the event of major casualty. Whether it was the gas explosion in Kaohsiung, the dust explosion in Baxian, the major earthquake in southern Taiwan in 2016 or the highway traffic accident this year, Fubon Life was able to consolidate information and coordinate help within the shortest time possible for policyholders as well as the general public. Through customer service, claims and health consultation, Fubon provides customers the most complete assistance and exerts positive influence on the society.

"Mobile Advisor 3.0" - Heartfelt and Efficient Service Delivered Through Smart Technology

For the purpose of enhancing service efficiency in the Fintech era, Fubon Life created a digital working platform and launched the project "Mobile Advisor 3.0" that enables employees to serve customers better and more efficiently with the use of mobile device. By adopting simplified, innovative and cloud-based procedures, the company was able to make its services convenient online. By combining virtual and physical service channels, the company has greatly reduced the amount of administrative works of its sales representatives, and thus gave them more time to serve customers with a human touch.