Fubon Financial

Fubon Financial Holdings, Fubon Insurance and Fubon Life Remain the Most Desired Employers to Financial Students


Fubon Financial Holdings was once again named the most desired employer by graduating students! Today (the 10th), RMIM Inc. announced the results of its 2017 “National Survey for Employment Preference of Finance/Insurance Students” and held the ceremony for its “Insurance Excellence Awards.” Fubon Financial Holdings was rated "Most Attractive Financial Holding Company" for the 7th consecutive year by all graduating finance/insurance students nation-wide. Meanwhile, two of the subsidiaries - Fubon Insurance and Fubon Life were once again rated "Most Attractive Non-life Insurance Company" and "Most Attractive Life Insurance Company" in both the Sales Division and the Back-end Division. For 7 years in a row, Fubon has claimed the top four titles and proved its significance among the society's young elites, particularly for graduating finance/insurance students!

Chairman Richard Tsai of Fubon Financial Holdings was glad to see Fubon rated as the most attractive financial holding company for another year by graduating finance/insurance students nation-wide. He said that Fubon Financial Holdings offers the most diverse and comprehensive financial products and services, while many of its subsidiaries are market leaders in their respective areas of expertise; it is the only Taiwanese financial institution to operate subsidiary banks simultaneously in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, as well as the most profitable financial holding company for 8 consecutive years, and the key to Fubon's success is talent. As the financial group begins targeting Asia for growth, all of Fubon's subsidiaries are actively recruiting new employees this year, and may have aggregate demand for 8,450 new headcounts. He hopes to attract creative and courageous new talents into joining Fubon's vision of becoming the "top financial institution in Asia."

Richard Tsai also pointed out that Fubon Financial Holdings was chosen as one of the compositions of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) - Emerging Markets for the first time in 2016, making it the first and only Taiwanese financial holding company to be selected in the "FBN Diversified Financial Services and Capital Markets" category. DJSI is a well-respected index among institutions worldwide, and Fubon Financial Holdings managed to rank top among peers in terms of "Talent Development and Training," which indicates that its talent training efforts have been well-recognized by rating agencies around the world. We shall continue our plan to create a friendly work environment and implement systematic training, and help employees adapt to changes in the business environment and develop the skills required to growth with the Company.

Fubon Insurance has held the largest market share for 35 consecutive years; this dominance was attributed to the Company's ability to consistently coordinate resources across multiple channels and introduce innovative products that offer better assurance to individual and corporate customers. Apart from Taiwan, Fubon Insurance also has service locations established in China, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand. Furthermore, Fubon Insurance offers a complete range of fundamental and specialized training to satisfy employees' different job requirements. Each year, it selects employees to undergo professional training in Europe, USA and Japan, and subsidizes mid-level managers and above to study abroad with salary. This complete training program was the reason that won Fubon Insurance its title as the most preferred employer among graduating students, and is the source of its award-winning professional performance recognized by institutions local and abroad.

Chairman Steve Chen of Fubon Insurance said that the Company considers talents to be the key to corporate growth. The Company has a robust training system in place to help employees develop skills in line with corporate strategies; furthermore, the Company has also been active in nurturing international talents to support overseas expansion. This talent training system has successfully developed expertise in many fields such as insurance underwriting, claims and damage prevention, while the Company's employees hold the largest number of insurance certificates across the industry.

In addition to the development of internal talents, Fubon Insurance has also been working with National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University and many other tertiary institutions for the nurture of insurance talents, using both theoretical and practical approaches. Arrangements have been made for senior managers to lecture insurance courses in school, whereas summer internships are organized to give students a chance to apply theories in practice, and help them develop skills needed for their future careers.

Apart from being the most desired employer to graduating students, Fubon Insurance is also a highly trusted insurance partner among the nation's top-1000 businesses, and has been ranked first in the "Property Insurance Purchase and Satisfaction Survey for Top-1000 Businesses" for 16 consecutive years. The survey results show that Fubon Insurance's damage prevention technology is capable of helping corporate customers reduce risks and losses in their operations. In the future, Fubon Insurance will continue to give back to society by contributing its professional knowledge. As an insurance provider, the Company hopes to establish itself as a symbol of positive energy, and fulfill corporate social responsibilities by maximizing the value of insurance service.

During this survey, Fubon Life's Sales Division received a 64% response rate, which far exceeded peers. Fubon Life recognizes employees born in the 1980s and 1990s to be the main growth driver, which is why it offers robust training combined with a transparent and quick promotion system to build a work environment where young people may realize their dream careers. Fubon Life added 3,011 people to its sales force in 2016, which surpassed all other peers. 63% of sales representatives were aged below 30, and two 27-year-olds were promoted to unit managers for their outstanding performance. Fubon Life expects to increase employee size by another 7,000 this year, and will continue expanding service locations to accommodate young people who dare to dream.

President Benson Chen of Fubon Life said that the Company has always valued talents, and nurturing them is one of the key ways of how the organization fulfills its corporate social responsibilities. Fubon Life has much to offer to the new generation of young adults, including: solid professional training, extensive service network, complete product range, and efficient digital support to create an environment where dream careers are made true. In the future, Fubon Life will continue utilizing its young sales force, extensive service network, product diversity, and advanced service technology to help young people fulfill their dreams.

In recent years, Fubon Life has been actively implementing a "young sales force" and a "business venture model." Resources and efforts have been committed while technical assistance customer support is being provided to develop the top-performing business unit. Through the use of systematic, digital training programs and cloud-based operations, the Company has been successful in helping young people develop the professionalism and efficiency needed to excel in their careers. Furthermore, instead of having young people work somewhere far away from home, the Company has been encouraging young people to contribute financial expertise at their home town. This was the motive behind Fubon Life's "Employment Without Borders" (EWB) program in 2014. Over a 3-year period, a total of 96 new service locations were created under EWB. This widened service network provides Fubon Life with more opportunities to serve local residents and at the same time reduce urban-suburban differences and create more employment opportunities for locals.

For young students who are interested in back-end service of a life insurance company, Fubon Life offers a "Campus Transitional Talent Training Program" (internship) that, unlike the conventional one-way teaching approach, engages students in a series of games and interactions to encourage learning and inspire thinking towards becoming financial/insurance technology talents of the next generation. The program has been successful in helping students begin their career after graduation. In the last year, for example, 40% of internship participants in their senior year were later hired as permanent employees.

Fubon Life utilizes systematic training and high-efficiency cloud-based operations to develop its sales force; last year, the Company beat out contestants from 15 countries in the Asia Pacific region to win "Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2016 - Insurance Company of the Year for Agents" from Asia Insurance Review. Having once again been named the most desired life insurance employer for both Back-end Division and Sales Division during the "Insurance Excellence Awards" this year shows that Fubon Life's efforts and performance in talent training have won the trust and recognition of the younger population, making it the most desired place to begin career for finance/insurance graduates. In the future, Fubon Life will continue devoting efforts to nurture new insurance talents, and strive to create an environment where young people can realize their dreams.