Fubon Financial

Fubon Securities Won Best Service, Best Customer Recommendation and Best Digital Service in Wealth Management Survey


Fubon Securities claimed Best Service, Best Customer Recommendation and Best Digital Service in this year's Wealth Management Survey conducted by Wealth Magazine. It is a testament that a securities firm is capable of convincing customers to trust their sales representatives, accept digital service, adapt to new financial technologies, and recognize Fubon's professionalism! According to Fubon Securities, digital banking and customer service are two closely related factors that the Company has sought to address by introducing more friendly and efficient features. Being able to win this survey and customers' recommendation had much to do with the quality tools available at the Company's disposal, as well as employees' service and patience in guiding customers through the new digital functions.

Best Digital Service has been a well-deserved recognition for Fubon Securities' long-time commitment in promoting digital banking. According to Fubon Securities, seeing an increasing number of elders becoming adapted at using communication software such as LINE was what brought the Company's attention to the financial needs of the elderly population. In 2016, the Company introduced an innovative function called "Taiwan Equity Mobile Voice Assistant" ahead of peers to the mobile platform. This new function incorporates artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology to give customers the convenience of placing trade orders by speaking into the phone. In addition, fingerprint recognition was added to the mobile trading platform, which solved problems and brought great convenience for customers who forget their passwords.

Furthermore, in an attempt to encourage participation from senior customers, employees of Fubon Securities made the extra effort to explain patiently to smartphone owners and wrote down step-by-step instructions that customers could follow with ease. According to Fubon Securities, customers aged 50 and above now account for 35% of all users of the Company's electronic trading system, which suggests that elderly customers are increasingly receptive about using electronic trading platform. More and more customers have considered themselves "no longer able to revert to the old ways" once they started using Fubon's mobile platforms, and are proud and confident to share with relatives and friends about the new tools they learned.

This new form of service not only changed customers' transaction habits, but increased the Company's wealth management influence as well. Throughout the years, the Company has witnessed the change of its customers from investing in securities to allocating assets for a longer life horizon, and from monitoring settlements to managing daily cash flow. Meanwhile, sales representatives were able to expand their existing services to incorporate elements of wealth management, and therefore assist customers in financial planning through a broader perspective. President Leo Cheng of Fubon Securities said that Fubon's securities trading platform not only helps customers build up positions in Taiwan's stock market, but also offers a broad variety of insurance products, overseas investments, and customized investment plans to choose from. In order to help sales representatives utilize various resources available at their disposal, the Company has organized training courses on numerous topics including marketing information, new financial instruments, asset allocation, and taxation. The Company is eager to show not only the transformation steps it has taken as a securities firm, but growing capacity of its employees as well.

Faced with an increasingly competitive financial environment, Fubon Securities has realigned its focus to the development of digital finance, and positioned itself as one of the first wave of securities firms to offer regular equity investment plans once approved by the securities authority. Investors simply need to sign a regular securities investment agreement in digital or physical form to commence transactions over the electronic platform. After taking into consideration the needs of different customer groups, Fubon Securities has decided to focus on ETFs during the initial service launch, because by investing in a basket of shares, ETFs exhibit relatively lower risks than individual stocks and makes them more suitable for regular, medium/long-term investment. This investment plan is ideal for young adults seeking to accumulate wealth on a regular basis and for retirees who are looking to earn consistent income.