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Fubon Financial Holdings Holds its "Rising Star Scholarship Program" Ceremony Today


Offering Overseas Internship with Subsidies for the First Time

For many years, Fubon Financial Holdings has committed significant effort to nurturing financial talents and offering internship opportunities in collaboration with academic institutions. The "Rising Star Scholarship Program" was first introduced in 2016 to reward 20 students each with $50,000. During the award ceremony held today (the 20th), the company announced it will offer an overseas internship at the Shanghai Office of Fubon Bank (China), one of the company's overseas subsidiaries, to university students in their junior year and above. In order to help young students develop global vision and competitiveness, selected interns will be subsidized for a return ticket, accommodation, and may receive spending allowances during the internship.

Fubon Financial Holdings President Vivien Hsu was present at the "Rising Star Scholarship Program" ceremony to present the award personally. A total of 16 scholarship winners were present at the ceremony to receive their scholarship, while many of the group's senior managers, including President Ben Chen of Fubon Insurance and CHRO Joyce Chen of Fubon Financial Holdings, were also present to bear witness to the award.

Vivien Hsu said that Fubon Financial Holdings has long been attentive to the needs of disadvantaged junior high school and elementary students. In the previous year, the group expanded its efforts by introducing the "Rising Star Scholarship Program" that targeted existing university students. The program received applications from approximately 800 students in just over one month since its launch in August last year. After a series of background reviews and shortlisting, a list of 20 students was announced on December 13, 2016, each of whom would be granted a scholarship totaling $50,000 and referred to internship opportunities depending on their willingness to participate. In light of last year's overwhelming response, the company will be expanding the scope of its scholarship program this year, and offer the same support, scholarship and internship opportunities to a total of 40 students.

Joyce Chen, CHRO of Fubon Financial Holdings, said that students were selected not only for their academic performance, but other factors such as personal/family background, completeness of application, and relevance to future talent requirements as well. Due to the overwhelming number of applications received this year, the company will be expanding the scope of its Rising Star Scholarship Program and continue offering internship opportunities to help more students develop the competitiveness needed to succeed in their careers.

Joyce Chen pointed out that Fubon Financial Holdings has been running an industry-university cooperative research project for more than 10 years. These cooperations are designed with two main focuses: "internship" and "in-school financial courses." With regards to the internship, Fubon Financial Holdings and subsidiaries offer a broad variety of internship opportunities from intermittent projects that can be performed independently to regular roles where students have the chance to fully experience the workplace.

Fubon Life’s "Campus Talent Development Program," for example, offers nearly one hundred internship opportunities in six main fields including: policyholder services, financial investment, channel services, information technology, administration & planning, and actuarial science. In 2017, Fubon Financial Holdings will be offering internship opportunities in its overseas subsidiaries as well, giving students the chance to actually participate in personal banking services at the Shanghai Office of Fubon Bank (China). During the internship, students will be introduced to common courses where they develop fundamental knowledge about the local banking practices. They will also be shown to various business locations where they can learn practical selling skills and adapt quickly to market trends and the local employment environment. To encourage participation, students will be granted allowances and subsidized for accommodation and return air tickets during the internship. All existing university students in their junior year and above are welcomed to participate in the Fubon work experience. Application begins today until February 5, 2017. For more details, please visit Fubon Financial Holdings' career website at https://www.fubon.com/financialholdings/hr/jobs.html.

With regards to financial courses, Fubon Financial Holdings has been assigning senior managers from various parts of the group to communicate and interact with students on campus about ongoing trends in the industry and what employers are looking for in the talents they recruit. From time to time, students are invited to visit and observe the workplace, where they can learn how the seniors developed their careers and gain a better understanding into the financial industry.

In response to the rise of financial technology, Fubon Financial Holdings began working with institutions specialized in information technology, including National Chiao Tung University, National Chengchi University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taipei University of Technology, National Taipei University, and Soochow University School of Big Data Management, since 2016 to introduce practical courses or workshops. Members of the Fubon Financial Holdings FinTech Office have been assigned to integrate expertise from banking, telecommunications and e-commerce, and join senior managers from the main subsidiaries to deliver the courses. Through the sharing of practical experience, they encourage students to explore more possibilities of where innovation can be applied.

Joyce Chen said that the development of professional talent requires the combined effort of both the business world and academia. In the future, Fubon Financial Holdings will continue working with universities on programs such as campus recruitment, collaborative research, internships and scholarships, and devote positive energy to nurturing financial talents as part of the group's efforts to give back to society.