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Fubon Charity Foundation Donates $2.5 Million to Genesis Social Welfare Foundation and Hosts 500-table Banquet


Fubon Charity Foundation announced today in the final weeks before Chinese New Year that it will be donating $2.5 million to Genesis Social Welfare Foundation and sponsoring "VS Patient Service and 27th Charity Banquet" for 500 tables. Through this compassionate act, the foundation hopes to inspire the public with its positive energy!

Fubon Charity Foundation was recently informed of the "VS Patient Service and 27th Charity Banquet" scheduled on January 22, for which the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation has been gathering donations from the public to organize an abundant meal for the less fortunate, including family members of VS patients, homeless people, lone elders, single mothers, and people living in poverty. Having learned of the fact that Genesis Social Welfare Foundation was somewhat behind its donation target, Fubon Charity Foundation thus decided to donate $2.5 million and sponsor 500 tables of the banquet, hoping to set an example and inspire others to lend a hand to the "VS Patient Service and 27th Charity Banquet."

According to Fubon Charity Foundation, Fubon Group will be hosting its own 2016 year-end banquet on January 14 to reward employees' contributions in the last year. While the group celebrates the upcoming Chinese New Year, it would be meaningful to direct the public's attention and support to give the less fortunate people an abundant feast of their own. The banquet is more than just a meal, but a message of care and hope that is consistent with Fubon's goal of achieving "mutual benefit with the society." Through real actions, Fubon Group hopes to give disadvantaged people the positive energy to make tomorrow a better day!

Fubon Charity Foundation is Fubon Group's first charity arm. Since it was founded in 1988, the foundation has been collaborating with others to spread love and care to far corners of the society by "integrating resources, developing charity platform, and tending to the socially disadvantaged."