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Positive Energy - The 2017 Brand Image Campaign of Fubon Financial Holdings


Positive energy through the masses! For the 2017 brand image campaign, Fubon Financial Holdings produced a music video titled "By Your Side," in which nearly one hundred people from different professions were captured on camera. The music video also featured the appearance of the Fubon Guardians baseball team, Fubon Braves basketball team, Very Fun Park artists, and winning musicians of the Fubon Disabled Person Talent Award, who came together to convey positive energy! The music video received more than 2 million hits on Facebook and YouTube in just 12 days after its online release, making it the most highly discussed topic in 2017.

Vivien Hsu, President of Fubon Financial Holdings, said that every person is an influential figure in the digital world, and by combining the influence of the masses, we can turn the world around! Music is perhaps the medium that best connects people, which was why the company chose to produce an inspirational title called "By Your Side" to reach an audience of all groups from senior, mid-aged to younger generations. The producer had even designed a set of simple dance moves that people may perform on their own to express their positive energy to show support to those around them.

"By Your Side" was composed by renowned music composer Chris Hou. The music video, on the other hand, was filmed with the participation of nearly one hundred people including parents/children, artists, athletes, cyclists, marathoners, office workers, students, farmers, and people of different groups and generations. The video hopes to convey the positive energy in every one of us, which we may rely upon to make our lives better!

Members of the Fubon Guardians and Fubon Braves also participated in the filming of "By Your Side," representing the positive energy of Fubon Financial Holdings in supporting sports activities in Taiwan. From Fubon Guardians, Head Coach Chun-Chang Yeh joined players Kuo-Hui Kao, Che-Hsuan Lin, Yi-Chuan Lin, Chin-Lung Hu, Kun-Sheng Lin, Tsung-Hsien Li, Kai-Lun Chen, Wei-Ting Lin, and Chien-Ming Chang in the production of music video, whereas Fubon Braves had Wen-Cheng Tsai, Chih-Shan Hung, Ti-Chieh Pao, Hsiao-Rong Cheng, Hsing-Chih Yang, and Yu-Hsuan Song appearing on camera. The athletes were very excited about making their first appearance and dancing in a corporate image music video. Apart from those mentioned above, Very Fun Park artist Wen-Fu Yo (a long-time partner of the Fubon Art Foundation) and winners of the Fubon Disabled Person Talent Award including Chi-Yao Hung (hearing-impaired painter) and Yu-Siang Huang were also invited to take part in the filming as a support to Fubon's positive energy initiative.

Fubon Financial Holdings has long devoted itself to bringing positive energy to society and to every individual. The positive energy promotional video was released in 2015, which conveyed the conviction that "one small act of positivity in everyday life can turn the world around." The video received nearly 2.6 million hits on YouTube, and ranked among YouTube's 30 most viewed advertisements that year. In 2017, Fubon will take a different approach to enforce its positive brand image by "conveying positive energy through the masses! "

"By Your Side" was released online on December 28; as of today, the music video has accumulated more than 2 million hits on Facebook and YouTube. From today onwards, the music video will be broadcast on TV, over radio, and in subway stations. We invite everyone to sing and dance along with us and express your unique positive energy!

YouTube video link:
"By Your Side"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VljJvoHlJWQ

Behind the scenes - with By Your Side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ho0ooIPM-0