Promoting Tender Care

Promoting Tender Care

Corporate Communications Division, Fubon Sports & Entertainment (managing the CPBL Fubon Guardians team and Fubon Braves basketball team), Fubon Charity Foundation, Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation, Fubon Art Foundation, and Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation
  • Fubon integrates its company-wide resources to develop and provide holistic social welfare services tailored to meet the needs of children, teens, middle-aged adults, senior citizens, economically disadvantaged groups, and people with disabilities and also encourages employees to participate in volunteer activities.

Promoting Financial Literacy Education

  • Fubon makes use of its core competencies in the financial industry to hold financial education camps and campus talks aimed at imparting practical financial knowledge to schoolchildren, teaching economically disadvantaged schoolchildren from remote areas how to use financial tools, and fostering healthy attitudes toward money and basic financial literacy. In addition, Teacher Training Clinics are held to generate a wider impact.

Artistic Lifestyles

  • Fubon is continuing its efforts to advance the concept of "bringing art into life and life into art" by promoting the arts and art education and creating a more diverse art platform "without walls." The goal to: is to give back to local communities and neighborhoods and foster a higher level of appreciation for art and culture in society. In addition, Fubon's support of a film preservation

Social Welfare

  • Fubon provides various services through our Senior Living programs that help create a friendlier and more welcoming environment for senior citizens. In addition, individuals and families facing emergencies are identified and referred to the program, where they can obtain subsidies to meet various needs including daily living expenses, health care, funeral services, and more.

Diverse Empowerment Programs

  • Fubon continues to develop more diverse educational projects aimed at different groups at varying stages of development, including the Poverty-Busting Savings Plan, education funding campaign, parentchild education, and Teen Empowerment, and the Company also strives to help persons with physical and mental disabilities develop their talents. Moreover, by offering sponsorships and organizing large-scale competitions and athletic events, Fubon not only directly supports the advancement of sports in Taiwan and engages in the long-term cultivation of elite athletes and teams, but also encourages people to exercise and live healthier lives.

Capital Investment

Financial Capital

  • Total expenditures:NT$395,470,000
  • Total investments in IT equipment:NT$1.7 million

Human Capital

  • Employee participants:68
  • Total volunteer hours:33,287

Capital Output

Social Relationship Capital

  • Direct beneficiaries:429,792 people
  • Number of direct beneficiary organizations:1,819
  • Indirect beneficiaries:4,152,366 people
  • NT$41,240,000 in donations to external groups

Underlying Principles

Fubon Financial Holdings has drafted "Tender Care" strategy under the "Fubon ESG Visioning Project," which is a strategic blueprint formulated based on the UN's sustainable development goals. Fubon's Tender Care strategy seeks to promote good health and well-being for people of all ages, ensure inclusive and quality education for all, and advocate lifelong learning. The program is expected to not only increase Fubon FHC's competitiveness, but also enable the Company to actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility. Fubon actively supports and provides sponsorships to various sports competitions, sports teams, and individual athletes to generate more interest in sports and fitness within society. We also seek to create synergies by combining Fubon FHC's resources with the Group's four foundations (Fubon Charity Foundation, Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation, Fubon Art Foundation, and the Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation) to produce more compelling charitable platform.A broad array of social welfare and empowerment programs are created through these platforms and are aimed at promoting artistic lifestyles and financial literacy education, and encouraging employees to make use of their core competencies and work together to spread Fubon's "positive energy" brand spirit, thereby making a positive contribution toward achieving a more prosperous society.

Establishment of Working Teams

The Social Commitment team, which is a part of the ESG Task Force operating under the direction of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee, is primarily tasked with planning and promoting the strategic blueprint for the "tender care" program. Working team members comprise personnel from Fubon Financial Holdings’ Corporate Communicaitons Division, Fubon Sports & Entertainment (which manages the CPBL Fubon Guardians team and Fubon Braves basketball team), the Fubon Charity Foundation, the Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation, the Fubon Art Foundation, and the Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation. Senior executives from the Fubon Financial Holdings’ Corporate Communications Division are appointed to serve as team leaders and are responsible for summarizing and tracking the progress of programs executed by relevant departments and reporting their findings to the ESG Task Force on a regular basis.

Formulating Effective Management Policies

To promote its CSR commitment, Fubon drafted the "Fubon Financial Holdings Corporate Social Responsibility Policy" based in part on the "Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies" and the UN’s "Sustainable Development Goals." The policy clearly stipulates that the Company shall endeavor to integrate its resources to continue providing care and support to disadvantaged groups in society, help teens cultivate their skill sets, promote an artistic lifestyle, and encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities. In addition, the Company formulated the "Donation Guidelines for Fubon Financial Holdings and Fubon Subsidiaries" in order to better manage donation-related tasks of Fubon Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries. The Guidelines provide a clear set of rules for each unit to follow, allowing the Company to more effectively fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Promoting Strong Management Practices

When implementing projects related to Fubon's strategic blueprint for the "Tender Care" program, each unit must abide by relevant rules laid out in the "Fubon Financial Holdings Corporate Social Responsibility Policy" and "Donation Management Guidelines for Fubon Financial Holdings Co. and Subsidiaries," regularly discuss and report on the progressmade on relevant tasks during meetings of the ESG Task Force, and present a report on relevant implementation plans and results twice annually at the Company's board meetings so as to fully leverage Fubon's influence in the financial industry and realize Fubon Financial Holdings' brand spirit of "positive energy."