Social Welfare

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Fubon has always been deeply concerned with the impact of social change and engages in charitable activities hoping to become a force for positive change in Taiwan. Amid a rapidly aging society, Fubon is intent on fostering a friendlier and more welcoming environment for seniors and has initiated a "Senior Care Program" encompassing the "Fubon Sweet 60 Jiazi Cup", the "Happy Train Program," and music therapy and dementia support projects.

In addition, "Emergency Relief Fund" programs assist individuals and families facing major emergencies by providing subsidies to meet various needs, including daily living, medical and funeral expenses. Fubon is committed to working toward achieving mutual prosperity in society, which is why we are constantly striving to promote social progress, to fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen trusted by our stakeholders and steadily pursuing Goal 3 of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), which seeks to ensure healthy lifestyles and promote well-being for people at all ages.

Senior Care Program

2018 Input
  • NT$6.74 million spent.
  • Time contributed by employees worth roughly NT$670,000.
2018 Output
  • Held a total of 953 events.
  • More than 31,000 people benefited from those events.
  • Market value of services and courses provided about NT$3.3 million.
  • Activities drew large crowds of spectators, helping raise awareness of the issue involved.
  • Encouraged more interpersonal interaction, promoting healthy and happy aging.
  • Used "seed training" approach to expand the impact of care services.
  • Conveyed health knowledge and the importance of knowing how to care for oneself, enhancing mutual support and improving the quality of care.
  • Dementia patients received complete support and care.
Mid-term Goals
  • Raise awareness of aging issues through activities related to seniors.
Long-term Goals
  • Foster a society and environment that is friendly to seniors.

Emergency Relief Fund Programs

2018 Input
  • Time contributed by employees worth roughly NT$650,000.
  • NT$25 million spent on the various programs.
2018 Output
  • Nearly 20,000 people benefited from the programs.
  • Programs help vulnerable individuals and families improve their short-term finances.
  • Subsidies given to low-income patients to help with medical expenses.
  • Taking action out of concern for people in society who are vulnerable bolsters Fubon socially responsible image.
  • Programs fill in gaps left by inadequate government resources.
Mid-term Goals
  • Provide short-term financial aid to vulnerable individuals or families that have suddenly fallen on hard times.
  • Mobilize available public and private resources to help more people in need.
  • Continue scholarship program for orphans and arrange regular visits by "Guardian Angels" to see how they are doing.
Long-term Goals
  • Continue to promote programs to improve the lives of families.
  • Effectively allocate social resources to prevent duplication or waste.
  • Follow up on the graduation and employment situations of orphan scholarship beneficiaries when the funding period expires.

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