Promoting Financial Education

Leveraging Fubon’s core competencies as a financial institute, the Company has been promoting financial education via the “Budding Tycoon Money Management Camp” and “Future Tycoon Outreach Program” since 1998. It is our goal to bring fair and high-quality financial education among children and youths into schools in urban and rural areas alike.

In 2019, the “Budding Tycoon Money Management Camp” continued to launch the “Little Teller Experience”, the most widely favored event featured as part of the program's curriculum. A newly launched highlighted course titled, “Intelligent Financial Management to Help Your Dreams Come True”, taught the kids how they can achieve their personal goals through AI financial management and other financial technologies. To further incorporate children's financial management into everyday lives, we have developed a diverse range of teaching materials and regularly hold events via the first family-oriented intelligent banking system, the “e Family Bank”. On the same note, we collaborated with momokids and Enjoy Our Story, a storytelling platform to teach correct concepts of financial management at Kaohsiung Main Public Library.

In addition to the metropolitan area, Taipei Fubon Bank works with Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation to further promote financial education on elementary school campuses in urban and rural areas. It is our goal to convey correct monetary concepts to kids through vibrant and interactive teaching.

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Action Plans Investment Outcome Benefits
Budding Tycoon Money Management Camp
  • Man-hour invested: 3,213 hours.
  • Expenditure: over NT$ 1.3 million.
A total of 7 camps held in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung and Hsinchu metropolitan areas.
  • 396 students participated.
  • 38 entries of media exposure.
  • Participants opening new accounts conversion rate increased to 77%.
Parent-Child Financial Management Education
  • Man-hour invested: 1,870 hours.
  • Expenditure: NT$ 1.06 million.
9 parent-child financial management educational events. 270 parents and children participated.
Future Tycoon Outreach Program
  • Man-hour invested: 567 hours.
  • Expenditure: NT$ 0.97 million.
19 events held on elementary school campuses in urban and rural areas. Beneficiaries: 1,890 students.

In 2020, Fubon will continue to produce animations to further guide children in the learning of economics at personal, family, national, and global levels. We aspire to make financial education more easily accessible through digitalization. Our mid to long term goal (up to 2025) is to increase event participation by 10% and the number of reaches via digital channels by 40%.

Fubon lecturer interacting with students to teach correct monetary concepts.

Parent-Child Financial Management Education – e Family Bank (Taipei).