Promoting Financial Literacy Education


By using Taipei Fubon Bank's core competencies to contribute to society, the financial literacy education programs represent a tangible expression of Taipei Fubon Bank's spirit of "giving back to society what one reaps from society." The Bank firmly believes that financial literacy education is an extension of life education and therefore seeks to design money management courses from a life education perspective to encourage children to develop financial literacy at an early age. The initiative is dedicated to instilling good values, strengthening children's competitiveness, getting them to understand the importance of intangible assets, and ponder the values and priorities, and achieve their dreams. To this end, Fubon continues to run the "Budding Tycoon Money Management Camp" and "Future Tycoon Outreach Program" to help children establish healthy attitudes toward money and gain basic financial literacy, enabling the Company to steadily become aligned with Goal 4 of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), which seeks to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Action Plan 2017 Results Progress Mid-Term Goals Long-Term Goals
Continue to implement the Budding Tycoon Money Management Camp
  • 7 sessions were held
  • A total of 385 people signed up
  • A total of 379 students attended
  • The attendance of rate was 98.4%
Completed, resulting in an achievement rate of 100%
  • Integrate the Fubon Group's wealth of resources and professionals from various areas to increase the quality of teachers and courses.
  • Revise the focus of courses each year based on the latest trends and conditions in society.
  • Continue to hold the "Budding Tycoon Outreach Program" to provide guidance to teens and help them establish basic financial literacy early on, instill good values, and increase their future competitiveness, thereby fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.
  • Continue to promote and increase the frequency of Future Tycoon Outreach Program events
  • Cooperate with the Taipei Teachers' Association
  • Held a total of 36 sessions.
  • Impacted teachers,principals,students and teachers at 22,554 people.
  • Design more diverse "Financial Education Course Units and Teaching Materials" which help parents and schools work together to provide complementary education to children.
  • Help children understand that "financial management is an extension of life education" and that learning basic financial skills will enable them to better understand how to share and engage in philanthropic activities.
  • Enable financial education to set the stage for achieving Fubon's corporate mission and engendering greater brand affinity.
  • Team up with more NGOs and educational organizations to jointly promote more diverse integration of resources and boost Taiwan's economic competitiveness in the world.

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