Promoting Financial Literacy Education


Fubon fully embraces the spirit of "giving back to society what one reaps from society" and takes tangible actions, using its core financial competencies as a point of departure, to care for society. Seeing financial literacy education as an extension of life education, the Company has developed courses on handling money from a life education perspective. The "Budding Tycoon Money Management Camp" and "Future Tycoon Outreach Program" were initiated starting in 1998 to help children become financially literate and develop healthy values at a young age. The programs strengthen the children’s competitiveness by getting them to understand the importance of "intangible" assets, discern the value of different aspects of their lives, and set priorities as they pursue their dreams. Since 2004, the Company has held an annual "Fubon Financial Trends Seminar" to provide forecasts of macroeconomic trends, and has produced "Fubon Café" videos on digital platforms to present general financial knowledge using easy-tounderstand language. These many initiatives help meet Goal 4 of the UN sustainable development goals – to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The Budding Tycoon Money Management Camp

2018 Input
  • Paid manpower invested: 2,445 hours.
  • NT$740,000 spent on program.
2018 Output
  • Nine sessions held.
  • Seven sessions held in urban areas; 346 people registered and 339 attended, an attendance rate of 98%.
  • Two rural sessions held (at a middle school and elementary school in Nantou County) in collaboration with the Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation attended by 60 students.
  • Helped children acquire basic financial skills and healthy values toward money by teaching them how to plan and make good use of their allowances; also helped them understand the importance of personal credibility.
Mid-term Goals
  • Leverage the Fubon Group’s resources and professionals from various fieldsareas to improve the quality of teachers and courses.
  • Revise the focus of courses each year based on the latest trends and conditions in society.
Long-term Goals
  • Continue to hold the "Budding Tycoon Outreach Program" to provide guidance to teens and help them establish basic financial literacy early on, instill good values, and increase their future competitiveness, thereby fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

The Budding Tycoon Money Management Camp

The "Little Teller Experience" is a favorite of children because they can play the roles of bank greeter, bank teller or a customer and engage in daily bank branch operations.

Future Tycoon Outreach Program/ Training Program with Taipei Teachers’ Association

2018 Input
  • Paid manpower invested: 517 hours.
  • Speakers contributed 200 hours.
  • More than NT$900,000 spent on program.
2018 Output
  • Outreach program held at 15 schools, reached 1,736 elementary school students.
  • 10 teacher training sessions held; program reached 434 elementary school teachers and principals.
  • Indirectly helped 28,905 members of the families of the students and teachers.
  • Issued guide on handling money for young students in comic book form.

Feedback from program questionnaires:

  • 95% of students who took classes felt their money handling skills had "dramatically improved".
  • Attendees agreed that "activity instills positive values," praised Fubon for its efforts over the years to give back to society through its core competencies and plant the roots of financial literacy education.
Mid-term Goals
  • Instill healthy attitudes toward money from a "life education" perspective.
  • Use core competencies to give tangible expression to Fubon’s corporate mission and brand identity.
Long-term Goals
  • Keep children from relatively economically vulnerable families from falling into a cycle of poverty; elevate the country’s overall economic competitiveness.
  • Instill in children healthy attitudes toward money to reduce the likelihood of social problems.

Fubon Financial Trends Seminar*

2018 Input
  • NT$2 million spent on seminar.
2018 Output
  • A total of 11 sessions held at the 2018 seminar, including a press conference and specialized meetings held by subsidiaries; some sessions streamed live online.
  • Fubon’s three main speakers appeared on a Unique Satellite TV program to discuss money management trends in 2019.
  • 17 videos produced from the event since 2015.
  • 1,399 people attended.
  • Live streams of the event on LINE drew 52,484 viewers.
  • USTV program had a 0.17 rating, meaning it reached 182,000 people.
  • Videos of the three main speakers on YouTube drew a total of 60,276 views.
  • Overall media exposure: Yahoo ad placements reached 4.41 million people, received 13,969 clicks.
  • Event coverage: 31 media stories.
Mid-term Goals
  • Set seminar agenda to satisfy clients’ portolio allocation needs.
  • Continue to hold the seminar regularly to accumulate and strengthen trust in Fubon’s expertise and brand.
Long-term Goals
  • Enhance the image of Fubon’s professional brokers in the macroeconomic field.
  • Strengthen Fubon’s authority and influence when speaking on financial issues.

global economic outlook

Rick Lo, the Chief Economist of Fubon Financial Holdings’ Economic Research Division, delivered a speech on the global economic outlook.

Fubon Cafe*

2018 Input
  • About NT$1.2 million spent on initiative.
2018 Output
  • Produced series of videos spanning four general topics: Securities:
    Investing in Warrants; P&C Insurance: Earthquake Insurance; Life Insurance: Commuting Insurance; and Banking: Mobile Payments.
  • Drew a total of 1.58 million views (Facebook + YouTube) in 2018.
  • Generated more than 30,000 interactions.
  • 11,650 comments were left in lucky draw contest.
Mid-term Goals
  • Spread financial knowledge and literacy on digital platforms through easy-tounderstandshort online videos supported by the expertise of Fubon subsidiaries.
  • Provide the public the latest on new types of financial products and investment vehicles.
Long-term Goals
  • Use simple ways to present new money management information and educate the public on healthy attitudes toward banking and finance while strengthening goodwill toward the brand.
  • Use core competencies to strengthen the public’s financial knowledge as part of our corporate social responsibility.

*Results generated and benefits as of May 15, 2019

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