Facilitating National Health

Fubon is the only enterprise in Taiwan that manages a Division A amateur baseball team (Fubon Bulls), a professional baseball team (CPBL Fubon Guardians), and a professional basketball team (ABL Taipei Fubon Braves) simultaneously. To facilitate national health as a sustainable goal, Fubon Financial Holdings has also been sponsoring and hosting numerous large-scale sports games and healthenhancing activities in four main areas: baseball, basketball, golf, and marathon.

For 11 years on end, Fubon Financial Holdings has supported Taipei Marathon, the IAAF bronze labeled road race that has become the most anticipated marathon in Asia. In 2019, Fubon dedicated nearly 400 million dollars to sponsoring and hosting about ten sports games. Awarded the Sports Activist Awards issued by the Sports Administration for 11 consecutive years and the Exercise Enterprise Certification 4 years in a row with our subsidiaries included, Fubon is among top enterprises in Taiwan that have received innumerable honors. Fubon is also committed to the long-term cultivation of elite athletes. In 2019, there were 8 elite athletes sponsored including Kuo Hsing-Chun, Pan Cheng-Tsung, Phoebe Yao, Chen Yu-Ju, Lu Chien-Soon, Yeh Yu-Chen, Wang Wei-Hsuan, and Hsu Ching-Wen.

Fubon invested funds to the renovation of Fubon Guardians' home court, Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium in New Taipei City, and arranged 60 games under various themes including entertainment, parent-child, charity, etc. In 2019, the Fubon Braves Basketball Team reached a historic milestone upon winning the SBL championship in season 16. and also joined the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL).

In promoting college basketball tournaments in Taiwan, Fubon Life has been holding the “Fubon Life Braves College Basketball Tournament” in 5 consecutive years. It is the only cross-department, crossregion, professional-standard basketball tournament for amateur college basketball players in Taiwan. In 2019, a total of 84 colleges (over half of the total colleges in Taiwan) participated in the tournament. Fubon Life has also been the title sponsor of the University Basketball Association (UBA) Tournaments in 3 consecutive years.

Stemming from our emphasis on employee welfare and the environment, Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation established the the “Fubon EDU”, an educational program that takes employees on field trips to gain an in-depth understanding of environmental issues in Taiwan. In 2005, Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation launched the Senior Care Program to rejuvenate seniors and slow the progression of disease and disability.

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Action Plans Investment Outcome Benefits
Promoting Baseball in Taiwan
  • Expenditure: over NT$ 200 million.
  • The renovation of Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium arena stage.
  • The addition of a second screen in the outfield.
  • Complete makeover of all infield seats.
  • The unprecedentedly huge stadium with the arena stage and equipment upgrade has attracted over 300 thousand fans to the games.
Proactively Managing Sports Teams
  • 10 outstanding young players picked in drafts including Jiang Guo-Hao.
  • Professional coaches hired including Hung I-Chung, head coach of the CPBL team with most winning records and coach of the Taiwan’s national team to the Olympics.
  • First place in 2019 regular season.
  • Many players have delivered outstanding records and won individual awards, e.g., Most Runs Batted In- Lin Yi-Chuan, Pitcher with Best Earned Run Average- Lo Li, Best ImprovementChen Shi-Peng.
Marketing Diversification
  • 9 themed events launched throughout the year in collaboration with famous singers, comic or public figures. Moreover, through the charity program Making Friends with Love to help disadvantaged kids receive education through the accumulation of home court scores.
  • Successfully attracted media attention and public interest, drawing an average of 7,000 spectators to the stadium on theme days, which 60% more than that of regular days.
  • Fubon Charity Foundation and Fubon Life helped 309 disadvantaged teenagers in New Taipei City receive education through the Make Friends with Love program.

The Taiwanese weightlifter Kuo Hsing-Chun has won numerous medals in international tournaments. In 2019, she broke world records in the Asian Weightlifting Championships and the World Championships, winning five gold medals. She has a good chance to compete in the Olympics.

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Action Plans Investment Outcome Benefits
Managing Fubon Braves Basketball Team
  • Expenditure: over NT$ 80 million.
  • 36 games in SBL regular season 16, 6 semifinal play-offs, 4 championship games.
  • Won the SBL season 16 championship.
  • Benefits of exposure equivalent to over NT$ 390 million in estimated value.
Reaching Out to the Global Arena and Enhancing Competitiveness in Basketball
  • Expenditure: NT$ 1.25 million.
  • Played in 2019 CBA Summer League.
  • Played in FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2019 qualifying tournament and the finals.
  • Joined ASEAN Basketball League (ABL).
  • Domestic basketball competitiveness enhanced through accumulating experiences from international tournaments. Officially started playing as a member of ABL in the new season starting in November 2019, competing against teams from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao, China, and more.
2019 Fubon Braves Youth Basketball Camp
  • Total man-hours of Braves members coaching camp participants: 112 hours.
  • Expenditure: NT$ 850 thousand.
  • One Fubon Braves Youth Basketball Camp held in Taipei.
  • 80 children participated in camp training. The second day was an open-house for parents to join in.
    Promoted basketball as a grassroots sport and facilitated parent-child interaction.
Promoting Basketball in Taiwan
  • Nearly NT$ 9 million invested into the management and operation of the home stadium.
  • Integrated with charity events with a nearly 100-people turnout.
  • 4 tournaments held at home stadium against Macau Black Bears twice, Kuala Lumpur Dragons, and Eastern Long Lions.
  • The whole team participated in the 2019 Fubon Life Braves Department Cup Basketball Tournament, the Braves Fearless program caring for students in remote areas at Zhongkeng Elementary School in Taichung, and Braves Fearless Basketball Camps.
  • A 6,500-audience on average in home stadium, which is on par with international tournaments.
Promoting College Basketball Tournaments
  • Dedicated nearly 1,000 Fubon employees Expenditure: over NT$ 10 million.
  • Title sponsor of the University Basketball Association (UBA) tournaments involving over 80% of colleges in Taiwan and 6,000 students.
  • Held nearly 1,000 games under the Fubon Life Braves College Basketball Tournament.
  • 10 thousand fans showed up at UBA finals and over 700 thousand online viewers watched online.
  • Finals of the Fubon Life Braves College Basketball Tournament had a nearly 30 thousand audience onsite and online. Nearly 90% of the schools are satisfied with Fubon ’s dedication in the games which enhanced student interests in basketball.
Taipei Marathon
  • Expenditure for the past five years: over NT$ 50 million.
  • Man-hour invested: 688 hours.
  • An indicative city marathon in Asia.
  • First marathon in Taiwan to receive an IAFF certified bronze labe.
  • 11% of the 28 thousand contestants, 2,946 runners in total, are from 61 countries.
  • Urged the Road Running Association to place an emphasis on runner ’s diet, offering marathon runners with specifically designed bento boxes.
  • Direct beneficiaries: over 96 thousand people.
  • Indirect beneficiaries: 46.8 million people.
  • 695 articles of media coverage.
  • An 82.3% positive rating on Fubon events, contributing to an 11% share of voice.
  • In brand satisfaction survey, Taipei Marathon is the top-of-mind charity event that Fubon sponsored.

Fubon Braves won the SBL season 16 championship.

Fubon Braves Youth Basketball Camp, encouraging youths to cultivate a hobby in basketball.

A full house of fans cheering for the Fubon Guardians.

Fubon Financial Holdings has been sponsoring the Taipei Marathon, one of the biggest marathons in Asia, for more than 11 years. In 2019, it was certified by IAAF with a bronze label and has upgraded since.

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Action Plans Investment Outcome Benefits
Fubon Yeangder Senior Open
  • Expenditure: NT$ 17 million.
  • Man-hour invested: 340 hours.
  • First senior golf tournament officially certificated in both Taiwan and Japan.
  • Three-day tournament, 87 golfers in the competition.
  • Total prize is 40 million Japanese yen (NT$10.9 million).
  • Direct beneficiaries: nearly 1,000 people.
  • Indirect beneficiaries: nearly 300 thousand people.
  • 32 articles of media coverage.
Elite Athlete Cultivation
  • Expenditure: over NT$ 20 million.
  • Man-hour: 272 hours.
  • Sponsored 8 Taiwanese elite athletes.
  • Charity golf events.
  • 1,682 articles of media coverage.
  • Fubon athletes are involved in charity events including the "Love for You"event in partnership with the First Social Welfare Foundation, raising NT$ 5 million donations through co-branding products.
  • Fubon athletes set a record of “three tops” in Taiwan.
  • (1) Kuo Hsing-Chun won three gold medals in 2019 Asian Championships and two gold medals in the World Championships, breaking world records.
  • (2) Pan Cheng-Tsung is the first Taiwanese golfer to win the PGA tour in 32 years, and the first to compete on the President Cup.
  • (3) Chen Yu-Ju is the first professional female golfer in Taiwan to play on the LPGA of Korea Tour.
Senior Care Active Ageing Program
  • Expenditure: NT$ 6.33 million.
  • Labor costs: NT$ 640 thousand.
  • Held 294 events for senior citizens.
  • Market value of services and courses provided: NT$ 1.5 million.
  • 6,818 people benefited from the program’s effort to achieve active ageing.
  • Quantified satisfaction of Fubon Sweet 60 Jiazi Cup: Satisfaction rate of increasing social networking reached 93% which echoes the promotion of interpersonal interaction.
  • 90% of the senior participants have expressed willingness to continue partaking in Fubon Sweet 60 Jaizi Cup.
The Fubon EDU
  • Man-hour invested: 1,813 hours.
  • Total expenditure: NT$ 700 thousand.
  • Took employees and their families on 15 field trips to take part in and support environmental friendly movements.
  • Total beneficiaries: 1,271 people.

In the future, Fubon Guardians will continue to work on three primary agendas: the promotion of baseball in Taiwan, proactive sports team operation and management, and marketing diversification. Our goal is to achieve an average 7,000-people stadium audience by 2025. Fubon Braves will work on elevating the level of support and attention among fans and increase earned media value to NT$ 550 million. Grassroots basketball training courses will directly train 150 youths annually. Meanwhile, the team will play 2 to 3 APB friendlies during the offseason. In support of the Sports for Climate Action, Fubon Financial Holdings plans to sponsor three tournaments that strive for environmental sustainability by 2025. We will also continue to hold senior care events up to 1,191 by 2025, engaging 30,825 participants. These are measures to fulfill our commitments to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Fubon employees experience first-hand in support of eco-friendly agriculture in Taiwan.

Intergenerational harmony at the Sweet 60 Jiazi Cup.