Diverse Empowerment Programs

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Fubon pays close attention to every group of people in society and is committed to developing a diverse range of empowerment programs that provide them opportunities to grow and learn and create benefits that help individuals achieve their innate potential and support commercial development. These programs include the two "Poverty-Busting Savings Plans," the "Penghu Make-a-Wish Program," and the "Making Friends with Love" education campaign. They also include parent-child communication programs that utilize radio and video channels, cooperation projects with social enterprises and nonprofit organizations, and sporting event promotions and sponsorships. Programs such as these help lead to a more peaceful and happier society and enable the Company to steadily meet Goal 4 of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), which seeks to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Penghu Make-a-Wish Program

2018 Input
  • NT$3.79 million spent on the program.
  • Nearly 6,000 volunteer hours contributed.
2018 Output
  • 28 people completed the program.
  • Assets totaling more than NT$6.6 million accumulated.
  • 3,640 hours of personal growth classes attended.
  • Participants earned 11 professional certificates.
  • This savings and learning program helped economically disadvantaged people break out of the cycle of poverty.
Mid-term Goals
  • Leverage the Company’s core financial competencies to spread financial literacy education in remote areas.
Long-term Goals
  • Help second- generation members of economically disadvantaged families gain the means to break out of poverty and foster a happier society.

Penghu Make-a-Wish Program

Graduates of the "Penghu Make-a-Wish" program receive the support of well-wishers
as they set out to pursue their dreams.

"Making Friends with Love" Education Campaign

2018 Input
  • Time spent working on the project worth about NT$2.61 million.
  • Total of NT$16.32 million spent on program.
2018 Output
  • 9,818 people made donations.
  • More than NT$113.8 million donated to keep children in school.
  • Collaborated with 2,507 schools.
  • 10 related charity events held.
  • 74 media reports on the campaign.
  • 23,770 beneficiaries from "Making Friends with Love" activities.
  • Provides a steady source of educational resources and diverse learning activities to economically disadvantaged students, enhancing their confidence and learning development.
  • Strengthens identification with the Company among employees and the public and boosts its socially responsible image.
Mid-term Goals
  • Encourage interaction between the students and their benefactors.
  • Ensure that sponsored students have equal access to learning opportunities.
  • Mobilize Fubon resources to contribute to disadvantaged children.
Long-term Goals
  • Increase the sense of fulfillment among donors to give Fubon a more favorable corporate image.
  • Encourage sponsored students to continue their studies at higher levels and cultivate broader perspectives to strengthen their future employment prospects.

'Making Friends with Love' Education Campaign

A "Making Friends with Love" campaign reunion is held every year,
bringing together students who received support to stay in school and their benefactors.

Fubon Volunteers Association Activities

2018 Input
  • Time spent working on the project worth NT$870,000.
  • NT$7.68 million spent on activities.
  • Fubon volunteers participated in activities 4,393 times.
2018 Output
  • Total of 41 media reports on the events.
  • 946 new volunteers added in 2018.
  • Volunteers participated 4,393 times and contributed around 27,000 hours, up 18% from a year earlier.
  • Encourages employees to serve and participate, helps forge team unity, and bolsters employee identification with the corporate culture.
  • Gives employees tangible opportunities to help and show concern for socially disadvantaged groups, manifests goodwill of Fubon people who want to engage in volunteer service.
Mid-term Goals
  • Leverage Fubon resources to continue to hold wide range of activities; attract participation of employees and increase participation rate year-by-year.
  • Fuse charity and technology, and use the power of social media to call on more employees and their families to become volunteers and get a taste of the spirit of volunteering.
Long-term Goals
  • Give employees a sense of fulfillment and a realization of their self-worth through volunteer service and enhance their sense of well-being.
  • Get Fubon employees and their families to join to help forge team unity and strengthen their identification with the corporate culture.
  • Transform corporate profits into social engagement; devote resources to sustainable practices as a way of giving back to society.

Fubon Volunteers Association Activities

The "Dream 30" program, co-organized by the Fubon Charity Foundation and Fubon Land,
helps improve learning facilities and the learning environment in remote areas.

Youth Empowerment Programs

2018 Input
  • Paid manpower invested: nearly 30,000 hours.
  • More than 80,000 hours put in by outside instructors.
  • More than 23,000 hours of service contributed by volunteers.
  • NT$9.72 million spent on related programs.
2018 Output
  • 21,804 website members, 73,880 page views for the Young Voice website.
  • 2018 "Young Voice Super Festival" exhibited 86 works, was seen by 21,979 visitors.
  • 180 people participated in Young Voice workshops; 79 works produced in workshop classes.
  • 25 videos produced through the Young Voice Dream Project.
  • Large-scale exhibitions used to give expression to the voices and works of teenagers and spark dialogue between generations, showcasing the importance of teenagers making their voices heard.
  • Connects professional education partners, such as people in drama and film education, and nurtures young artists to design and lead courses to help expand the young students’ horizons.
Mid-term Goals
  • Organize systematically videos and written descriptions of foundation activities to share the achievements of those activities with more groups.
  • Manage social networking sites to bring together teenagers interested in using new media to express themselves.
Long-term Goals
  • Establish Fubon as the benchmark for media education for teenagers, and as a result strengthen the brand’s socially responsible image and international visibility.

Film Education

2018 Input
  • Paid manpower invested: 10,233 hours.
  • 25 sets of teaching materials, including worksheets.
2018 Output
  • 249 students benefit from film classes at high schools and vocational schools.
  • 104 high school and vocational school teachers benefit from training.
  • Worked with Taiwan’s three major film festivals to train 92 youth as film judges for young film festival juries.
  • 445 elementary school students benefited from three film events led by older students.
  • Broadens the horizons and experience of teenagers through cooperation with different kinds of film festivals.
  • Deepens the roots of film education, gets children into the habit of watching movies and experience differences between cultures.
  • Brings together the film education community, public agencies and the film industry to forge a consensus on film education goals.
Mid-term Goals
  • Improve the sensitivity of teenagers to film and their ability to think critically about films.
  • Get international film festivals in Taiwan to set up teenager juries and set an example of cooperation with film festivals for the future.
Long-term Goals
  • Urge the education system to offer more elective film education courses so that the viewpoints of Taiwanese teenagers are seen by the world.
  • Make people aware of the importance of film education, and work with the film industry to create a structure for film education.

Parent-Child Education

2018 Input
  • Workers and volunteers worked 3,000 hours on related seminars and events.
2018 Output
  • According to AC Nielsen data, show "Let’s Talk about Media" had a 13.8% audience share in the third quarter, equal to 244,000 listeners a day.
  • More than 10,000 people attended seminars and on-campus activities.
  • Made use of broadcasting, internet and mobile phone video platforms to increase number of listeners and expand influence.
  • Diverse and interesting program content solidified top spot in ratings and bolstered positive brand image.
  • Through these activities, Fubon acts as a good neighbor and gives back to society, indirectly helping to identify potential customers and boost business.
Mid-term Goals
  • Integrate use of media platforms to spread positive energy and help the public distinguish between true and false information.
  • Hold high school seminars consisting of humorous dialogue and performances by artists with disabilities; help teenagers develop healthy attitudes toward life education.
Long-term Goals
  • Produce excellent programs with positive messages, and offer people continuing education opportunities.

Let’s Talk About Media

A "Let’s Talk About Media" event is held on a campus in Taiwan

Social Enterprise/ Nonprofit Organization Cooperation

2018 Input
  • Paid manpower invested: 1,702 hours.
  • 38 volunteer hours contributed.
2018 Output
  • Six lectures, three hands-on learning experiences at small farms, six film screening and discussion sessions, four mini farmer markets, a total of 2,994 hours of activities created.
  • 1,466 people benefited from these activities.
  • Fubon people purchased 2,054 kilos of rice from outstanding small farmers.
  • Total of 16 NPOs/Taiwan cultural and film businesses/social enterprises receive funding as event co-organizers.
  • Regular agricultural and social enterprise events held at employee cafeterias to help employees learn about and gain an understanding of Taiwan’s small farmers and food safety issues, in the process encouraging them to care for their own health and the environment.
  • Effective promotional channels and platforms developed with NPOs/Taiwan cultural and film businesses/small farm enterprises.
Mid-term Goals
  • Encourage participation of an employee + a friend or customer in various activities to extend influence of each employee and have more people identify with the spirit of the Fubon brand.
Long-term Goals
  • Motivate employees to engage in social, environmental and cultural issues outside of work and become pillars of support for public welfare groups.
  • Care for the environment and help humanity co-exist with socially diverse species.

Encouraging People with Disabilities to Develop Their Artistic Talents

2018 Input
  • NT$8.05 million spent.
  • Time worked on program worth about NT$800,000.
2018 Output
  • 76 events held, attended by 30,960 people.
  • Total of 250 people performed, earning income of about NT$1.07 million.
  • People attended training sessions 651 times; value of training about NT$450,000.
  • Programs strengthen the self-confidence of people with disabilities, giving them opportunities to perform, hone their talents and increase their families’ income.
Mid-term Goals
  • Unleash the many talents of people with disabilities and provide them with opportunities to learn, perform or exhibit their works, helping strengthen their self-confidence.
Long-term Goals
  • Nurture the talent of people with disabilities and foster a friendly environment for them.
  • Promote greater togetherness between the public and people with disabilities.


2018 Input
  • Spent nearly NT$400 million on sponsoring and organizing major sports competitions.
2018 Output
  • Fubon Braves reached the Super Basketball League championship series for the second time; finished as the SBL runner-up.
  • Fubon Guardians acquired operating rights for Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium; in first year of operations, attendance averaged 5,664, up 26% from a year earlier, the highest growth among the four teams in the league.
  • The Fubon Yeangder JPGA Senior Open was Taiwan’s first golf tournament jointly sanctioned in Taiwan and Japan; its total prize money was 40 million Japanese yen.
  • Fubon Financial Holdings organized or sponsored 23 sports events.
  • Striving to turn Fubon Braves and Fubon Guardians into leading teams in Asia and bolster their competitiveness internationally.
  • Introduced the home/away system used overseas to the UBA (University Basketball Association).
  • Sponsored Asian/ international-level sports events.
  • Fubon Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries have received Exercise Enterprise Certification Awards from the Ministry of Education’s Sports Administration two years in a row; earned more honors than any other Taiwanese company.
  • Have received several Sports Activist Awards from the Sports Administration.
Mid-term Goals
  • Support athletes who show potential to help them fulfill their dreams and compete on international stages.
  • Support a pro baseball team and manage its home stadium to give fans the best possible ballpark experience.
  • Sponsor or organize sports events, give athletes opportunities to compete, and cultivate public interest in sports.
Long-term Goals
  • Nurture elite athletes to elevate Taiwan’s international visibility.
  • Serve as title sponsor of international sports events, strengthen Taiwan’s ability to plan international competitions; foster an exercise culture to forge a healthier society.

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