Diverse Empowerment Programs

富邦慈善基金會 富邦文教基金會 台北富邦銀行基金會

Fubon pays close attention to every group of people in society and is committed to developing a diverse range of empowerment programs that provide opportunities to grow and learn and create benefits that help individuals achieve their innate potential and support industry development. These programs include the two “Poverty-Busting Savings Plans,”the "Penghu Make-a-Wish Program," and the "Making Friends with Love" education campaign, as well as parent-child communication programs that utilize radio and video channels, cooperation projects with social enterprises and nonprofit organizations, and sporting event promotions and sponsorships. Programs such as these help lead to a more peaceful and happier society and enable the Company to steadily become aligned with Goal 4 of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), which seeks to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Action Plan 2017 Results Progress Mid-Term Goals Long-Term Goals
Penghu Make-a-Wish Program:
1.Implement the Penghu Make-a-Wish Program
2.Integrate company-wide resources to plan and hold the "Fubon Summer Empowerment Camp"
  • Completed the "Fubon Summer Empowerment Camp"Program
  • Total number of beneficiaries: 696 people
Completed Mobilize Fubon's core financial competencies to help second-generation members of economically disadvantaged families acquire the means to escape from poverty and achieve a happier and more peaceful society.
‘Making Friends with Love' Education Campaign
1.Promote awareness of the education campaign among employees and the general public and encourage more people to make donations
2.Hold more types of educational charity activities to help economically disadvantaged students obtain additional educational resources
  • Total number of contributors: 10,400
  • Total amount donated: NT$ 112,392,000
  • 1,057 partnering schools
  • 26,732 beneficiaries
  • 11 charity events
  • 111 news and media reports
  • Promote more interaction between students and their benefactors.
  • Ensure that sponsored students have a fair chance at receiving a quality education.
  • Integrate internal and external resources for educational and entertainment activities.
  • Increase the sense of fulfillment among donors to engender a more favorable impression of Fubon's corporate image.
  • Encourage sponsored students to graduate to the next grade, allowing them to cultivate a broader perspective and increase future employability.
Implement a Youth Empowerment Program which links together online platforms and offline activities
  • Total membership of the website 28,244 people
  • Number of beneficiaries: 19,132 people
  • Number of Facebook fan 5,867 people
  • Number of visitors to the dreamer website: 39,489 people.
  • Jointly develop educational materials and activities that can be incorporated into standardized school courses.
  • Help coordinate between and connect NGOs and educational organizations in Taiwan and other countries.
  • Allow teens throughout Taiwan who are interested in using new media for self-expression to connect to each other through a web-based platform.
Encourage Taiwanese Teens to establish their own discourse and enable teens to think more critically and independently and take actions without the help of adults.
Film Education:
1.Promote film education to instill greater knowledge about film appreciation
2.Establish and promote film courses, including teacher training, at high schools and vocational schools nationwide
3.Translate and publish film-related educational materials
4.Combine promotional resources for film education
  • 9 campus tours, and 1,900 spectators
  • 4 Taipei Film Festival movie critics, media and propaganda workshops, 21 young critics.
  • 2017 Taiwan-France film education forum: 2,075 beneficiaries.
  • The project involves more than 78,791 current and potential workers.
  • Establish a database of film education materials.
  • Highlight the importance of film education among participating schools and teachers and integrate film educational resources in Taiwan by linking together various industries (including film studios and theaters).
  • Diversify young people's film viewing options and increase their critical thinking and perspect to film.
  • Work with teachers to change the education system and open up possibilities of incorporating film education into a diverse elective curriculum.
  • Connect the relevant fields of film education, the public sector, and the film industry in order to integrate and contemplate the possibility of establishing a structure for film education.
Increase Communication Between Parents and Children
  • 22 live seminars / on-campus activities.
  • 360 online video programs.
  • Integrate the use of different media platforms to boost the Company's positive influence.
  • Cooperate with different groups to jointly promote useful and beneficial concepts to the general public.
Use internet, radio, and social media platforms to disseminate useful and beneficial information to the general public.
Establish a 2-way communication platform to cooperate with social enterprises & nonprofit organizations
  • Achieved total activity participation of 4,206 hours.
  • A total of 17 NPOs and social enterprises received donations through jointly-organized activities.
  • Bring together more NGOs and social enterprises in Taiwan and other countries to reinforce the Group's resources and ability to provide assistance.
Instill greater understanding and enthusiasm among Fubon employees regarding major issues pertaining to the environment, culture, and charity efforts to help the Company tangibly fulfill its corporate social responsibility.
Promoting and Sponsoring Sports:
1.Reinforce the roster and lineup of the Fubon Braves
2.Teame up with the Chinese Professional Baseball (CPBL) by establishing the Fubon Guardians League
3.Promote basketball and create a comprehensive system for organizing basketball-related activities
4.Sponsor large-scale sports competitions and help cultivate teams and players
  • Established the Fubon Guardians team.
  • The number of followers on the Fubon Braves fanpage grew by about 106%.
  • 74 schools at the college and university level participated.
  • Number of live streaming viewers: nearly 500,000 people.
  • Held 5 charity events.
  • 11 sports events sponsored or organized by Fubon Financial Holdings.
  • Integrate resources and incorporate the home/away court system adopted in other countries into the UBA College Basketball League.
  • Expand the Fubon College Basketball Tournament to provide professional platforms for amateur basketball players.
  • Sponsor Asia-wide and world-class competitive events.
  • Strive to forge the Fubon Braves into a top basketball team in Asia and reinforce efforts to cultivate future national-level players.
  • Encourage the general public to exercise to foster a healthier society.
  • Hold major international-level competitive events
Encourage People with Disabilities to Reach their Potential
  • Held a total of 1,090 events
  • Total number of beneficiaries: 21,228 people
Completed Help people with disabilities discover their innate talents, and provide a wider array of opportunities involving education, performing arts, and exhibitions to increase their self-confidence and strengthen their bond with society.

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