Cultural Cultivation

Fubon strongly supports the development of art and culture, as well as cultural empowerment in Taiwan. Through endeavors made by Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation and Fubon Art Foundation, the Company has made substantial contributions to enhancing developmental momentum for Taiwan’s cultural and creative sector as the leading enterprise in arts and business cooperation. Aspiring to establish a museum without walls, Fubon Art Foundation is committed to aesthetics embodiment through easily approachable methods in everyday life. “Very Fun Park 2019” is an example of bringing business vitality to commercial zones in the form of arts which creates multifaceted memories of the city. “Fubon Forum”, a series of large-scale events, offers indepth aesthetic knowledge to citizens authentically through the realization of “bring art into life and life into art.”

Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation focuses on imagery preservation and the operation of a high-quality media platform. In 2019, we launched the “Film Collectors Museum”, a program that advocates imagery preservation and maintenance and screened 196 family movies. We also held the 8mm Family Movie Workshop to guide participants in giving new life to dated imageries by repairing old films. Our radio program, “Staying Young”, was awarded Best Program for Teens in the 54th Broadcast Golden Bell Awards.

In addition, Fubon sponsors a variety of art and cultural events including “Fubon Music Feast” which features top global music groups; performances presented by Weiwuying National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts and the “Eyes and Ears project” for the visually and hearing impaired. We have also sponsored the “Golden Horse Awards and Film Festival” four times. To further encourage newcomers in the film industry, we co-hosted a film forum in 2019 where nominees were invited to share their creative passion and ideologies.

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Action Plans Investment Outcome Benefits
Very Fun Park 2019
  • 8 artists from Taiwan/overseas.
  • Total man-hour invested involving 14 volunteers: 819.5 hours.
  • 4 video production teams.
  • Total expenditure: NT$ 16.64 million.
  • 16 indoor and outdoor large-scale artworks and installations.
  • 2 large-scale outdoor events, 5 educational workshops, 11 guided tours, 2 online events.
  • 2 short animations, 3 promotional videos, 3 documentaries.
  • 1 designated app.
  • Number of direct and indirect beneficiaries: 1.4 million people.
  • App downloads: 5,283.
  • 103 entries of media coverage, creating NT$ 6,963,580 in media value.
  • NT$ 498 thousand worth of cross-industry collaboration giveaways.
Museum without Walls (Artist Residency at Folio Hotel/ ART OFFICE)
  • 22 artists from Taiwan and overseas.
  • 55 fine art photographers Total expenditure: NT$ 930 thousand dollars.
  • 47 pieces of artworks 108 photography artworks.
  • 40 artist meet-and-greet events.
  • Total participants: 2,266 people.
2019 Fubon Forum
  • 15 lecturers from Taiwan and overseas.
  • Total man-hour invested involving 8 interning volunteers: 844.5 hours.
  • Total expenditure: NT$ 2.77 million.
  • 10 free large-scale lectures, 2 paid large-scale lectures, 3 free courses.
  • Total participants: 6,434 people.
  • NT$ 267 thousand wroth of cross-industry sponsorship.

2019 Very Fun Park, 100 Colors by artist Emmanuelle Moureaux.

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Action Plans Investment Outcome Benefits
Film Collectors Museum-Digital Restoration and Cultural Preservation
  • Man-hour invested: 3,178 hours Total expenditure: NT$2.06 million.
  • 85 static guided tours, exchange events and dynamic workshops.
  • 84 research papers and entries of news coverage.
  • 5,052 collection items for research and preservation purposes.
  • Total beneficiaries: 806 people.
High Quality Radio Program
  • Total man-hour invested: 4,616 hours.
  • Total expenditure: NT$ 4.87million.
  • Radio program: Let’s Talk About Media (aired Monday to Friday) & Staying Young (aired on Saturday), 313 one-hour episodes produced in a year.
  • 16 community & campus lectures.
  • Awarded Best Program for Teens in the 54th Broadcast Golden Bell Awards.
  • Radio program beneficiaries: 180 thousand people daily.
  • Lecture beneficiaries: 9,718 people.
Fubon Music Feast-Cleveland Orchestra
  • Total expenditure and promotion spending: over NT$ 10 million.
  • Personnel involved: 7 people.
  • Two symphonies played during the 2.5-hour concert.
  • 5 press events.
  • Direct number of reach: 2,000 people.
  • Indirect number of reach: over 2 million people.
2019 Fubon A Little Music Concert
  • Expenditure and sponsorship: over NT$ 10 million.
  • Personnel involved: 170 people .
  • 6 music groups and singers invited to perform during the 2.5-hour concert.
  • 6 external sponsors and 10 interactive activities held.
  • Direct number of reach: 4,300 people; indirect number of reach: over 48 million people.
  • 44 entries of media coverage.
  • Nearly 1,000 new binding users added to Fubon LINE official account.
Films and Film Festival Sponsorship
  • Total expenditure: nearly NT$ 7 million.
  • Sponsored the 17-day Golden Horse Film Festival featuring 188 films, 533 screenings and nearly 120 tie-in events.
  • 3 film forums, 2 charity film screenings and 1 awards ceremony.
  • Sponsored 2 films screening in local theaters for over 1 month.
  • Direct number of reach: 180 thousand people.
  • Indirect number of reach: 17 million people.
  • Fubon LINE official account launched an award prediction event. More than 40 thousand users participated and left "2019 Very Fun Park" 100 Colors by artist Emmanuelle Moureaux nearly 2,300 comments.

Chairman of Fubon Financial Holdings, Richard M. Tsai, and CEO of Fubon Art Foundation, Maggie Wong participated in the after-party of Fubon Music Feast and presented appreciation gifts to musicians.

Based on our continuous support for art and cultural development, Fubon’s mid to long term goal (up to 2025) is to increase event participation and digital reach by at least 10%, which includes 300 thousand people reached via art education on digital communication channels. For the museum scheduled to open in 2023, the goal was set to have 400 thousand visits. The radio program, “Chit Chat”, is expected to increase the number of reach by 30% as well.