Children and Youth Empowerment

With “passing on and cultivation” at our core, Fubon is devoted to the empowerment of children and youth through establishing a diverse range of learning environments and platforms in sports, film education, arts, and other areas. Since 1993, Fubon Financial Holdings has been sponsoring Fubon Bulls in the grassroots development of baseball. We have also sponsored and hosted the U12 and U18 baseball tournaments.

Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation is dedicated to promoting film education among children and youth which further facilitates intergenerational dialogue. Fubon launched the National Rolling Film School in partnership with high schools and vocational high schools across Taiwan echoing the 2019 curriculum set forth by the Ministry of Education. The National Rolling Film School also integrated local museum resources and trained college volunteers to promote film education in elementary schools. In 2019, the Young Voice program was transformed into a series of courses offering youths long-term companionship by engaging professionals in arts and theatrical education. Youths became independent thinkers and active citizens as they learned about various issues through critical thinking processes and dialogues. In 2019, Fubon connected elementary school campuses with the film and television industry, encouraging children’s curiosity for various cultures. Children were also guided to reflect upon their surroundings and perceive differences in cultures.

To instill the value of artistic literacy in families, Fubon Art Foundation introduces art to children and youth through art experience events. Very Fun Park 2019 launched a series of workshops and parent-child activities, as well as guided-tours open for reservation exclusively to junior high school and elementary school students. Meanwhile, the foundation trained volunteers to help youths explore and experience the integration of life and art.

Because the big development gap amid cities and countries, Fubon Charity Foundation is deeply concerned about the children of disadvantaged families who lack daily necessities and education resources. Hence, Fubon Charity Foundation launched “Make Friends with Love “scholarship to give disadvantaged students a chance to flip their social and economic status in a more stable learning environment.

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Action Plans Investment Outcome Benefits
Grassroots Baseball Sponsorship (Teams/ Tournaments)
  • Expenditure: nearly NT$ 14 million.
  • Man-hour: 628 hours.
  • Fubon has been sponsoring the Fubon Bulls, a university basketball team, for over 27 years.
  • Held Fubon Cup Taiwan Top 12 Tournament, including competitive and friendly matches in a span of one week.
  • New Taipei City Fubon International U-18 Baseball Invitational Tournament: High school players from Japan, India, China, and Taiwan were invited to play in a span of a week.
  • Fubon U-18 Future Star Game: 42 elite players from 16 high schools in Taiwan were invited to play.
  • Direct beneficiaries: over 14,176 people.
  • Indirect beneficiaries: 81.496 million people.
  • 1,368 articles of media coverage.
  • A 93% positive rating on Fubon U18 events, contributing to a 6% share of voice.

Fubon U-18 Future Star Game is the first junior league baseball star game in Taiwan. It is a demonstration of Fubon’s core value in sports sponsorship, “passing on and cultivation”.

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Action Plans Investment Outcome Benefits
Make Friends with Love Scholarship Program
  • Labor costs: NT$ 2.68 million.
  • Expenditure: NT$ 9.61 million.
  • 9,785 people made a donation.
  • Collaborated with 2,545 schools.
  • Schools referred 15,845 students in need to receive a 600-dollar monthly scholarship from Fubon.
  • 1 painting contest.
  • 2 meet-and-greet events.
  • 2 charity basketball camps.
  • 1 charity baseball camp.
  • 10 charity invitations to Fubon Braves’ games.
  • Teachers and students from remote areas were invited to Fubon Family Day.
  • Dietary supplements given to 7 schools in Fuxing Township, Taoyuan.
  • Future Star Scholarship program provides and sponsors low-income families with the financial support.
  • Donations made in scholarships: over NT$ 102.14 million.
  • 89 articles of media coverage.
  • Project beneficiaries: 24,234 people.
National Rolling Film School
  • Man-hour invested: 6,814 hours.
  • Expenditure: NT$ 5.39 million.
  • Film education courses opened at 15 regular and vocational high schools.
  • 24 cultural film screenings at regular and vocational high schools.
  • 7 TIDF film educational tours.
  • 5 imagery seminars for instructors.
  • 14 teaching materials compiled and published, including movie translation, human rights and film teaching materials, special issues, etc.
  • Total beneficiaries: 4,843 people
Young Voice Website
  • Man-hour: 2,310 hours Expenditure: NT$ 1.86 million.
  • 2 offline events.
  • Published the Voice Magazine – Young Voice Special Issue.
  • Number of beneficiaries: 34,391(online and offline participants included)
Young Voice Super Festival
  • Man-hour invested: 2,162 hours.
  • Expenditure: NT$ 750 thousand.
  • 3 exhibitions featuring 47 Young Voice Award winning works.
  • Number of visits to the exhibitions: 6,727.
Young Voice Program
  • Man-hour invested: 5,006 hours.
  • Expenditure: NT$ 3.98 million.
  • 2 curator’s workshops.
  • 34 photography works, 4 short films, and 3 essays produced by participants of the workshops.
  • Published the Human Rights Keywords in Films in collaboration with National Human Rights Museum.
  • Youth participants: 144 people
Future Maker
  • Man-hour invested: 2,087 hours.
  • Expenditure: NT$ 620 thousand.
  • A five-day FIRST Robotics Competition Camp held for youths.
  • Youth participants: 26 people.
  • Won the 2019 FRC Taiwan Playoff- Champion and Innovation in Control Award.
Film Education for Children
  • Man-hour invested: 3,348. hours
  • Expenditure: NT$ 6.23 million.
  • 22 seed instructor training courses.
  • 1 storytelling workshop for instructors.
  • 2 summer storytelling workshops
  • 3 elementary school campus tours
  • Total participants: 1,332 people.

Fubon reaches out to campuses to inspire youths in film diversity and enhance critical thinking.

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Action Plans Investment Outcome Benefits
Education in Indigenous Townships
  • Man-hour invested: 1,150 hours.
  • Expenditure: NT$ 2.63 million.
  • 11 local afterschool counselling and industrial training classes.
  • Total participants: 380 people.
2019 Very Fun Park-Campus Tour, Very Fun Parent-Child Show
  • Expenditure NT$ 27 thousand.
  • 35 art and cultural vendors.
  • 6 campus tours.
  • 1 cultural and creative market featuring parent-child activities.
  • 165 people joined campus tours.
  • 4,000 people joined the Very Fun Park parent-child show; 200 people interacted on social media; Additional 300 APP downloads.

In sports, Fubon will continue to cultivate elite athletes and sports teams through solid training to enhance Taiwan’s presence in international arenas. In promoting film and media education, we will integrate resources of international children film festivals and facilitate industry connections to foster talented producers of children and youth programs and further enhance production quality. Meanwhile, we will produce and compile teaching materials for storytelling workshops, offering assistance to school teachers. Our goal is to increase event participation by 10%, the number of reach via digital channels by 40%, and promotional effectiveness by 40% by 2025. The Make Friends with Love scholarship program is expected to increase the number of disadvantaged students as beneficiaries by 75,000.

Fubon Braves took part in the “Make Friends with Love“ scholarship program.