Caring for the Disadvantaged

Aspiring to give back to society, Fubon Charity Foundation founded the Fubon Volunteers Association. Comprised of Fubon employees, it actively reaches out to people in need through emergency relief programs that offer timely support to the financially disadvantaged and low-income patients in the face of emergencies. Meanwhile, we consolidate government and corporate resources to develop “Poverty-Busting Saving Plans” that help the disadvantaged accumulate wealth and attain economic independence.

Meanwhile, Taipei Fubon Bank and Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation are committed to caring for the mentally and physically disabled, offering them companionship and a platform to bring out their potentials. Since 2004, Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation has been hosting the “Fubon Bank Artistic Achievement Awards for the Disabled”. The awards program comprises a comprehensive development framework that helps discover and nurtures the innate talents of disabled people. In 2019, Taipei Fubon Bank held Afternoon Tea Concerts that featured performances brought by winners of the awards. The staging, lighting, and logistics of the concerts were handled by Fubon employees as a fulfillment of charity, as well as customer service. Moreover, echoing the blue pumpkin movement for children with autism, Taipei Fubon Bank hosted the “Light Up Blue Pumpkins for Love”, three Halloween-themed parent-child financial management events that took place in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan respectively.

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Action Plans Investment Outcome Benefits
Fubon Volunteers Association
  • Total expenditure: nearly NT$ 10.8 million.
  • Total labor costs: NT$ 890 thousand.
  • Number of volunteers involved: 4,645.
  • Paid leaves taken for charity converted into wages: over NT$ 2.17 million.
  • 34 blood drives around Taiwan.
  • “Give a Wish, Build a Future” campaign: Fubon employees donated 3,194 supplies. Total expenditure spent on purchasing supplies: NT$ 3,010,777.
  • “Fubon Social Welfare Ambassador” Program: Helped 140 small and medium-sized social welfare groups.
  • Branch events: 13 sessions of Compassionate Volunteering, 4 sessions of Urban-Rural Exchanges, 4 sessions of Environmental Education, 5 sessions of Social Welfare Ambassador.
  • 5 articles of media coverage, creating over NT$ 390 thousand in media value.
  • 5,131 bags of blood (1.28 million c.c.) were collected.
  • 71,362 people took part in the “Vote for the Best Campaign” extra funding voting event.
  • Total beneficiaries: 58 thousand people.
Various Emergency Relief Programs
  • Total labor costs: NT$ 670 thousand.
  • Total expenditure: NT$ 24,651,883.
  • Annual Winter Feast charity event: Fubon donated 1,500 tables equivalent to NT$ 12.5 million.
  • Subsidies to individuals: Offered stability to 1,233 cases in need.
  • Medical expenses program: Helped low-income patients in remote areas receive medical care in collaboration with hospitals.
  • 921 Orphan Scholarship program: Offered living subsidies to orphans.
  • 206 Orphan Scholarship program: Offered living subsidies to single-parents and orphans victimized by the earthquake.
  • Orphan scholarship program for the children of sacrificed rescuers of Typhoon Morakot.
  • Microinsurance project for disadvantaged groups: one-year casualty insurance.
  • Poverty-Busting Plans: “Hualien County Dream Pilot into Future Achievements” 1 orientation, 2 small-scale and 2 large-scale financial management seminars.
  • Hsinchu County “Glamorous Youth, Saving for Family Dreams” poverty-busting plan: Achieved the vision of three-party collaboration involving individuals, corporate and the government in poverty busting efforts.
  • Total beneficiaries: 20,968 people.
  • Media coverage: 43 articles.
Encouraging People with Disabilities to Reach Their Potential
  • Total expenditure: NT$ 12.28 million.
  • Total labor costs: NT$1.26 million.
  • 79 performances and training courses.
  • 251 people participated in performances.
  • Total beneficiaries: 22,097 people.
  • NT$1.29 million generated from the performances as family-supporting revenue for disabled people.
  • Performances and services in market value: NT$4.61 million.
Taipei Fubon Bank’s Efforts in Caring for the Disadvantaged
  • Dedicated personnel: 95 people; man-hour invested: 598 hours.
  • Expenditure: NT$ 90 thousand.
  • 4 Afternoon Tea Concerts (performed by winners of the Artistic Achievement Awards for the Disabled) and Blue Pumpkin events.
  • 65 guests invited to join the events and 50 clients participated.
  • 10 articles of media coverage.

In addition to Emergency Relief programs, Fubon also arranges for guardian angels to visit the individuals periodically. The talent performances and training program for people with disabilities will add 96 performances and 60,600 beneficiaries by 2025.

Members of the Taipei Fubon Braves Basketball Team showed up at Fubon Financial Building, calling for colleagues to donate blood.

Fubon collaborated with Hsinchu County Government on the “Glamorous Youth, Saving for Family Dreams” povertybusting plan.

A new musical debuted in 2019 brought by winners of “the Artistic Achievement Awards for the Disabled” after two years of preparation.

Children with autism were invited to take part in the 2019 Taipei Fubon Bank “Light Up Blue Pumpkins for Love” event.