Artistic Lifestyles

富邦文教基金會 富邦藝術基金會

Fubon continues to make a concerted effort to "bring art into life and life into art" by incorporating art into everyday life and sharing the joy of art appreciation with the general public. In addition to promoting the arts and art education and creating a more diverse art platform "without walls," we are working to achieve our goals of giving back to local communities and neighborhoods and fostering a higher level of appreciation for art and culture in society through several activities. They include Fubon's commitment to facilitating knowledge exchanges through the "Fubon Forum," promoting the arts through the "Museum Without Walls" program, and organizing a wide range of activities aimed at promoting art education, enabling the Company to better pursue Goal 4 of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), which seeks to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress Mid-term Goals Long-term Goals
Implementation of the Museums Without Walls program:
1.Art infused into the hotel space of "Folio Daan Taipei"
2.Fubon Living Art Space (artistic living room on the 2nd floor of Fuan Building)
4.2017 Fubon Bank (China) ART SALON
5.Art installation commissioned by enterprises
6.Early planning of Very Fun Park in 2018
  • Held a total of 82 activities of various types (artist talks, exhibition openings, seminars, artistic visits, and guided tour training).
  • Displayed 203 pieces of art.
  • The planned budget for implementation was approximately NT$19.25 million.
  • Provide more colorful experiences for hotel guests and the general public to enjoy, create unique brand value, and amplify the hotel's brand communication.
  • Strengthen the aesthetic sophistication of the Group's employees.
  • Combine the Group's resources to infuse art into corporate brand space.
  • Engage in more charitable outreach activities, achieve targets for giving back to society, and attain superior brand efficacy.
  • Increase the foundation's efforts on promoting an artistic lifestyle and incorporating art into everyday life.
  • Connect art with enterprises, and provide a platform for growth to artists; improve the brand image of creativity by incorporating cultural soft power.
1.Rolling Film School in High Schools and Vocational Schools throughout Taiwan
2.Digital Remastering and Cultural Preservation
  • In 2017, complete the first phase of the construction of the Film Collectors Museum.
  • Sponsor the digital restoration of classic Taiwanese films and curating and preservation of cultural assets, and help relevant organizations cultivate new talent involved in preservation work.
Help the general public recognize the importance of cultural assets and reinvigorate Taiwan cultural assets.
Promote Art Education through More Diverse Platforms
  • Held 29 Fubon Forums, which attracted 5,721 participants. The cross-industry and media exchange value was: NT$3,002,000.
  • The east district "Mapper" publishes daily posts on Facebook to maintain the cohesion of those living in the east district.
  • The "Media Project" re-edits the videos of past Fubon Forums and systematically promotes them in appropriate platforms.
  • The planned budget for implementation was approximately NT$2.19 million.
  • Systematically archive the course content for distance education and for a broader audience in order to expand the influence.
  • Continue to hold interviews and write articles on new topics which keep "Mapper" fresh and new, and increase its reach, scope, and relevance by making greater use of web-based features.
  • More effectively re-classify and re-package multimedia resources and recommended them across various platforms.
  • Operate social media to provide services in a more precise way.
  • Continue to operate channels and media that allow messages to reach urban residents, and provide more refined services to different groups.

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