Artistic Lifestyles

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Fubon continues to make a concerted effort to "bring art into life and life into art" by incorporating art into everyday life and sharing the joy of art appreciation with the general public. In addition to promoting the arts and art education and creating a more diverse art platform "without walls," we are working to achieve our goals of giving back to local communities and neighborhoods and fostering a higher level of appreciation for art and culture in society through several activities. They include Fubon’s commitment to facilitating knowledge exchanges through the "Fubon Forum," promoting the arts through the "Museum Without Walls" program, and organizing a wide range of activities aimed at promoting art education, enabling the Company to better pursue Goal 4 of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), which seeks to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Promoting Art Education

2018 Input
  • 41 instructors from Taiwan and abroad participated.
  • NT$3.06 million spent.
2018 Output
  • 16 Fubon Forums held, attended by 10,408 people.
  • Drew nearly NT$3 million in sponsorships from other sectors/media value (advertising value equivalency).
  • The Fubon Art Foundation’s "Mapper" posted 63 articles from May to November.
  • Produced three series of highlight videos (total of 36), one 30-second Fubon Forum image video, and one Fubon Forum speaker publicity video.
  • Encourages members of the public and Fubon employees to take part in artistic and cultural events.
  • Strengthens the Company’s positive image.
  • Has increased viewership around Taiwan through live streams online.
  • Several channels used to disseminate information on art that encourage local residents to be more aware of aesthetics in their daily lives and develop a keener appreciation and sense of artistic beauty, enabling art education to gradually take root.
Mid-term Goals
  • Plan to record classes so they can reach more people and expand their influence.
  • More effectively sort and package film resources and recommend them to different platforms.
  • Continue to cover fresh issues involving Taipei’s Xinyi District to present the area from different angles; use the internet to enhance the breadth, direction, and immediacy of that coverage.
Long-term Goals
  • Exploit social media to provide targeted services.
  • Work with information sources and media that inform local residents to provide more targeted services.

Support Outstanding Performing Arts Productions

2018 Input
  • Organized and sponsored eight major artistic events during the year.
  • More than NT$40 million invested in these events.
2018 Output
  • Two concerts held had combined attendance of more than 5,000 people.
  • Live streams of the concerts received more than 364,000 views online.
  • Gives Taiwanese music lovers the opportunity to enjoy world-class musical and artistic performances.
  • Creates platforms to give new Taiwanese musical stars and works important exposure.
  • Supports top Taiwanese film talent and works through the sponsorship of the Golden Horse and Taipei Film Festivals and locally made films.
Mid-term Goals
  • Organize artistic events to give Taiwanese artists and their works exposure or support outstanding performances through sponsorships and ticket buying campaigns.
  • Use digital and social media resources to promote top-flight artistic and cultural events.
  • Support major nationwide or regional artistic and cultural events and put the concept of cultural rights into practice.
Long-term Goals
  • Support new artists with potential and original Taiwanese works and stimulate the development of the cultural and creative sectors
  • Leverage Fubon CSR practices and resources to shape a better artistic environment in Taiwan and create a better society.

‘Museums Without Walls’ Program

2018 Input
  • 32 Taiwanese and international artists.
  • Around 50 sets of artistic works.
  • Around 108 pictures.
  • Total of NT$15.92 million spent.
2018 Output
  • 155 different kinds of activities held in 2018.
  • 158 works displayed.
  • Program infuses commercial districts with an artistic atmosphere, offering local residents and overseas visitors a different experience.
  • Gives artists work spaces and exhibition opportunities; creates diverse platforms through which the public/hotel guests can appreciate art.
  • Has improved the Fubon brand image through cooperation with the government.
Mid-term Goals
  • Continue to promote the "museum without walls" concept, spur artistic development, and forge a positive image for Fubon.
  • Mobilize group resources to embed art and culture in the corporate brand, deepen appreciation for aesthetics among Fubon employees.
  • Use special hotels to create unique value that amplifies their brand and publicity.
Long-term Goals
  • Make art an expected part of our living environment through long-term efforts and a corporate pledge to give back to society; build the brand’s image in society by penetrating and influencing life with art.
  • Put social welfare goals into practice, optimize the Fubon brand image.

Film Preservation

2018 Input
  • Paid manpower invested: 2,452 hours.
  • About NT$980,000 spent.
2018 Output
  • Gave 993 people through 77 events a better understanding of the idea behind film preservation.
  • 1,246 collected works studied and preserved.
  • Nurtures talent, imparts film preservation concepts and skills.
  • Conveys the importance of cultural assets to the public through media and injects new life into Taiwan’s cultural assets.
Mid-term Goals
  • Drum up participation and interaction among film lovers through cultural exchanges.
Long-term Goals
  • Strengthen education on the digital remastering of films and preservation of cultural assets, and engage with international film preservation groups.

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