Sustainability Strategy

Tender Care
Strategy Vision
As its core, the "tender care" strategy is aimed at building on Fubon’s long-term social engagement. Fubon has been a catalyst of social engagement and empowerment for many years, bringing art into people’s lives, promoting financial literacy education, and using its core competencies to positively influence society. It has also encouraged employees to take part in spreading the brand’s "positive energy," solidifying their identification with the company and creating value for the Fubon brand.
Executive Strategy
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Social Commitment Team: Fubon Financial Holdings, Fubon Sports & Entertainment, Fubon Charity Foundation, Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation, Fubon Art Foundation, and the Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation.

By developing social investment plans that integrate core functions covering social issues including education, art, schooling, emergency relief, care for socially vulnerable groups and the elderly, and paying attention to the diverse issues of various groups, the Company developed a "holistic" social welfare care platform to achieve its vision of social care.

Key Capital
  • Social and Relationship Capital: Expand the reach and beneficiaries of existing initiatives, and magnify the brand’s influence.
2018 Key Action Plans
  • Promote Financial Literacy Education: Financial literacy classes held at schools around Taiwan that help children develop financial skills and learn to use financial tools.
  • Artistic Lifestyles: Create a multifaceted wall-less museum, cultivate cultural assets ,support artistic talent to culturally enrich local neighborhoods and Support outstanding cultural works.
  • Social Welfare: Continue to shape a healthy aging society and help individuals and families facing emergencies.
  • Diverse Empowerment Programs: Encourage people with disabilities to harness their artistic talent, help individuals from poor families save to escape poverty, promoted parent-child education and teenager empowerment activities and organized or sponsored sports events to nurture elite athletes and teams.
Implement SDGs Action Plans

Fubon Financial Holdings invokes its core spirit of "positive energy" through its four foundations. In response to three SDGs, in order to resolve social problems, the Company creates diverse action plans such as financial literacy education, artistic lifestyles, social welfare, and diverse empowerment to meet the children, disadvantaged and elderly needs.

Future Goals
  • Connect NPOs with education groups and continue to develop financial literacy teaching materials.
  • Manage diverse social network platforms to provide accurate information on arts and culture.
  • Broaden the scope of public welfare engagement and come up with new initiatives.
  • Promote regional exchanges and adopt international practices to better develop Taiwan’s sports environment.