Sustainability Strategy

Honest Lending
Strategy Vision
Fubon Financial Holdings adopted an "honest lending" strategy to align itself with the global trend toward sustainable lending and further live up to the banking sector’s social responsibility. In practice, the goal is to develop lending guidelines that take inclusiveness and sustainability risk into account and harness the positive influence of the financial sector.
Executive Strategy
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Responsible Finance Team: Taiepi Fubon Bank and Fubon Securities.

One of Fubon Financial Holdings' subsidiaries, Taipei Fubon Bank, joins the Equator Principle Association. It not only formulates the assessment and management guideline of project financing to meet the Equator Principles’ requirements, also further defined sustainable risk principle and credit risk management policy, integrating environmental and social factors into the evaluation process of all corporate banking cases to the lending assessment and credit monitoring . By doing this, to strengthen asset quality, solidify the Bank’s business development, support clients’ business operations, and encourage environmental and industrial sustainability and good CSR practices.

Key Capital
  • Financial capital: Continue to strengthen the performance of the institutional and personal loan business and gradually optimize the environmental and social risk control mechanisms for credit assets to mitigate potential risks.
  • Natural capital: Use core competencies to support eco-friendly products and sectors and reduce the value chain's impact on the environment.
2018 Key Action Plans
  • Implement the Equator Principles, revising internal credit policies and operational processes, and implementing relevant internal education training.
  • Implement Sustainable Risk Management Structure, adopting ESG (environmental, social, governance) to credit assessment indicators.
  • Support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Improve the Industry Structure: Help small and medium-sized enterprises obtain funds, provide loans for Taiwanese businesses abroad wanting to return to Taiwan for investment, as well as loans for the culture and creative industry.
  • Actively Support Green Finance: Develop green industry-related financing products, and participate in the green bonds market, guiding funds to invest in green industry chains through various financial products.
  • Promote the Green Energy Special Loan: Financing projects for buildings with green architecture certification, solar powered systems, green energy equipment, and the green industry.
Implement SDGs Action Plans

Taipei Fubon Bank implemented six SDGs through the action plans of credit risk management and sustainability risk assessment. As for credit risk assessment, the assessment of ESG factors is strictly carried out, so that the capital is in line with the spirit of SDGs; As for credit subjects, the Company provides diverse groups such as students, the culture and creative industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, and the green energy industry with channels to obtain capital, increasing the inclusiveness and feasibility of the financial industry.

Future Goals
  • Continue to fully realize the Principles in its lending policies in order to keep strengthening the credit risk management mechanism of significant financing projects.
  • Continue to support solar power stations and off-shore wind energy funding.
  • Continue to offer green business loans and loans that promote green energy and energy conservation.