Sustainability Strategy

Golden Practices
Strategy Vision
Fubon Financial Holdings’ "golden practices" strategy has been established in response to climate change’s adverse impact on the environment, the changing talent needs of the market, and increasingly contentious human rights and labor-management issues. Fubon sets an example by incorporating sustainability concepts into its internal operations and has emerged as a positive model on environmental and social issues.
Executive Strategy
<Executive Units>

Environmental Sustainability Team: Fubon Financial Holdings and the four subsidiaries.
Employee Care Team: Fubon Financial Holdings and the four subsidiaries.

To achieve a win-win sustainable goal for the corporate, environment and employees, Fubon Financial Holdings devotes to reducing the environmental impacts of operation, increasing internal knowledge-type intangible assets, and improving employee competitiveness as well as mental and physical health.

Key Capital
  • Natural Capital: Continue to reduce the Company’s energy needs.
  • Intellectual Capital: Elevate the level of specialized knowledge internally and ensure the passing down of experience.
  • Human Capital: Foster an equal, inclusive, and open communications culture; put a high priority on employee health and safety; and forge a competitive learning organization.
2018 Key Action Plans
  • Carbon reduction practices: Continue to conduct greenhouse gas inspections, expand green purchasing, and support green energy to increase the output of renewable energy.
  • Create a Healthy Workplace Model and Ensure Equal Opportunity: Fubon systematically cultivates professional skills and fosters a diverse, autonomous, healthy and safe workplace environment that offers stability and helps retain talent.
Implement SDGs Action Plans

In the spirit of promoting Golden Practices, Fubon Financial Holdings roll out action plans for internal operations to respond to two SDGs. As for the environmental aspect, the Company set a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 3% in the next three years and expand installation of solar panels in response to the issue of climate change. In terms of the social aspect, the Company continues to promote maternal health plans and strengthen maternity welfare subsidies to reduce the burden of working mothers juggling work and family.

Future Goals
  • Continue to develop energy conservation initiatives and introduce environmental and energy management systems.
  • Support renewable energy in accordance with government policies, expand the solar panel installation project in buildings owned by Fubon, and continue to follow the green purchasing project.
  • Continue to implement and solidify human rights-related initiatives.
  • Continue to emphasize performance management, install a comprehensive salary and benefits system to ensure steady human capital growth.