Sustainability Strategy

Innovative Finance
Strategy Vision
Taiwan’s financial sector is in a critical period of transition as it comes to grips with the explosion in technological innovation, and Fubon Financial Holdings has accelerated efforts to use emerging technologies to build innovative financial models and make its operations and service more efficient. As it pursues business growth, the Company has consolidated its resources to deliver top-notch, highly efficient financial services while also paying close attention to the impact of social changes. Through the strategy of "innovative finance," Fubon hopes to use timely innovative products to foster a friendly environment and social vitality and capitalize on future trends.
Executive Strategy
<Executive Units>

Responsible Finance Team: Fubon Financial Holdings and the four major subsidiaries.

Through the investment of funds and human capital towards research and development, continue to develop and promote innovative financial products and customer services in keeping with the environment and social trends, increasing financial inclusion, accessibility, and strengthening management of service quality to elevate the overall happiness of all social groups, cities, and environments in the pursuit of sustainable management.

Key Capital
  • Intellectual Capital: Continue to invest in the development of innovative financial products and services to obtain patents.
  • Social and Relationship Capital: Leverage new and innovative products and services to attract new customers and deepen customer relationships; goal is to ensure sustained growth and firmly establish Fubon as the market-leading brand.
  • Manufactured Capital: Introduce the innovative pain point concept, continuing to integrate the newest technology to increase the number of digital products and services.
2018 Key Action Plans
  • Increase the Resilience of Social Capital: Continue to developed fire & loss prevention services, agricultural insurance and other financial products.
  • Raise awareness about the risk of climate change.
  • Promote the New Low-Emission Lifestyle: Continue to promote green energy and lowcarbon emissions-related insurance.
  • Promoting a More Equitable, Inclusive Society Identify risks and opportunities for social change to actively develop products and services for aging and health.
  • Foster Digital Innovation: Crafted new FinTech services, expanded big data applications, worked to obtain patents and provided a full range of mobile services.
Implement SDGs Action Plans

Through action plans that integrate the core functions of the insurance agency, Fubon Life and Fubon Insurance implement the five SDGs, introducing innovative products to improve social asset resilience and health awareness for the elderly according to the identified risks of climate change and social change. In addition, the Company provides microinsurance for disadvantaged groups and establishes "Boundless Project" sales offices and inputs sales forces especially in central and southern regions to tackle the issue of wealth disparity and urban-rural gap.

Future Goals
  • Continue to promote agriculture insurance and low-emissions insurance products to raise awareness about climate change.
  • Regarding issues of social change such as aging, low fertility rate and rising awareness of health, the Company continues to promote inclusive products, services, and community events to increase financial inclusiveness.
  • Use big data and effective communications to respond to customers’ needs.
  • Identify customer pain points regarding each financial setting, and provide innovative services through FinTech innovation.
  • Step up cooperation with companies in other sectors and participation in industryacademic-government alliances.