Sustainability Strategy

Leading Investment
Strategy Vision
As the concept of responsible investment has gained resonance, institutional investors have been increasingly concerned by sustainability risks associated with climate change, environmental pollution, labor-management disputes, and other issues. With the strategy of "leading investment," Fubon hopes to show positive leadership through its choice of investment targets and the investment principles it follows.
Executive Strategy
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Responsible Finance Team: Fubon Financial’s Investment Management Group, Taiepi Fubon Bank, Fubon Securities and Fubon Asset management.

The Company follows the UN's Principles for Responsible Investment, and signed the "Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors" issued by TWSE, promoting it from organization, policy and management aspects, and seeking to promote human health and happiness, develop green energy and investing in basic infrastructure to exert the impact of responsible investment.

Key Capital
  • Financial Capital: Continue to improve investment returns and increase the size of assets under management, while also increasing the amount invested in the health and medical care sector, alternative energies, basic infrastructure, and energysaving green buildings.
2018 Key Action Plans
  • Active Investment in Alternative Energy Industries and Green Bonds: Expand the investment in solar power plants and green bonds.
  • ESG Performance Screenings and Responses to Government Promotion of Industry Innovation Projects: Invest in Taiwanese corporations with good ESG performance. In addition, comply with government policies to invest in the 5+2 Industries, public infrastructure, and social welfare.
  • Communication with Stakeholders: Communicate with environmental protection groups to explain Fubon's responsible investment principles and approaches, and strengthen the management of areas of the NGO concern as part of responsible investing.
Implement SDGs Action Plans

Through ESG-themed investment action plans, Fubon Life, Taipei Fubon Bank, Fubon Insurance and Fubon Securities invest in targets that in responses of five SDGs, including the pharmaceutical and alternative energy industries, companies with good ESG performance, as well as infrastructure and green real estate transformation industries, hoping to implement SDG through the influence of Financial Industry funds.

Future Goals
  • Continue to assess new investment categories and analyze Fubon’s existing portfolio to ensure the responsible investment strategy is being carried out, while also increasing the weight of responsible investment in the portfolio.
  • Use Fubon’s core professional competencies to help and support companies it has invested in; commit to ESG practices and enable customers or beneficiaries to enhance their long-term investment returns, creating a mutually beneficial result.