Sustainability Strategy

Fubon Financial Holdings launched a "Fubon ESG Visioning Project" in late 2015 to help Fubon units manage the opportunities and challenges brought by the risks they face and address issues of concern to stakeholders. The Project, with the Fubon brand spirit of "positive energy" at its core, focuses on five strategies – leading investment, innovative finance, golden practices, honest lending and tender care – and ties them to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Core competencies are leveraged to strengthen the Company’s sustainable practices and steadily pursue 12 of the SDGs to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection. The initiative also aims to enhance Fubon’s competitiveness and harness the positive influence of the financial sector to promote global sustainability and make the world a better place. The 5 major strategies are carried out by the "ESG Task Force", which reports to the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee and the Board of Directors twice a year.

Sustainability strategies in response of SDGs and to create the Value of Externalities

In 2018, Fubon Financial Holdings introduced the KPMG True Value methodology for the first time to evaluate the external impacts and benefits of the five major strategies to see how the Company impacted and benefited the environment and society after implementing the ESG Vision Project and taking actions towards sustainability. In the future, the Company will continue to internalize external costs, financialize nonfinancial performance indicators, improve the quality of corporate sustainability reports, and align itself with the interests of all stakeholders.

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