Key Issues Raised by Stakeholders

Outside Consultants / Certification Companies

Issue of Concern Our Strategy and Tactics
Employee Rights and Benefits Fubon Financial Holdings’ committed to creating a balance between the workplace and daily life and carefully considers issues of concern to employees; Company has a robust benefits system and every effort made to enhance employee sense of well-being.
Fair and Reasonable Pay Fubon Financial Holdings has a fair and rational compensation system, and it participates in an annual salary survey to maintain a competitive compensation structure. A “Remuneration Committee” under the board sets and regularly reviews management compensation policies and whether the pay levels of individual executives are rational.
Energy Conservation / Carbon Reduction Fubon Financial Holdings has championed energy conservation and carbon reduction and taken several steps to promote energy management, automation, waste reduction and resource recycling and reuse. It has set a short-term goal of 1% reduction of CO2e emissions in a single year and a longer-term goal of a reduction of at least 5% of CO2e emissions in five years (with 2014 as a baseline).