Key Issues Raised by Stakeholders


Issue of Concern Our Strategy and Tactics
Corporate Governance
Information Disclosure and Transparency Material information disclosed through online reporting systems and the Company’s performance and strategic development is explained through an annual shareholders meeting, investor conferences, and seminars and roadshows in Taiwan and overseas.
Community Building Fubon Financial Holdings and its four subsidiaries have joined with Fubon’s four philanthropic foundations in building extensive social welfare networks and extending Fubon’s CSR to all corners of society.
Solutions Linking Core Competencies Fubon subsidiaries use their core competencies to help address problems spawned by an aging society and promote social inclusion through financial products to fill in gaps in the social assistance systems; financial literacy education also a big priority.
Meet the Needs of an Aging Society As Taiwan society ages, Fubon Life has helped people become more conscious of the potential risks of long-term care and long lifespans. In 2015, it introduced a “Senior Living Services Network” that helps customers prepare for retirement and operates a hotline exclusively for elderly policyholders.
Caring for Underprivileged Groups Fubon subsidiaries and the Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation have teamed up with the Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly on a “Fubon Dementia Advocacy Project” to provide special assistance to customers or their family members who show signs of dementia. Fubon Financial Holdings also leverages the public welfare platform formed by its four foundations to support disadvantaged groups by helping children stay in school, providing emergency assistance, educating aboriginal children, nurturing the talents of people with disabilities and helping people break out of poverty.
Use of Donations Fubon Financial Holdings discloses its charitable donations in its annual report.
Resource Integration Fubon Financial Holdings integrates its resources through the public welfare platform formed by its four foundations to help disadvantaged groups. Its main initiatives are emergency relief solutions, diverse empowerment projects, art and aesthetics promotion and care for the elderly.
Cooperation and Sponsorship Opportunities Fubon Financial Holdings and its four foundations join hands to get involved in social causes in many different fields.