Key Issues Raised by Stakeholders


Issue of Concern Our Strategy and Tactics
Employee Rights and Benefits Fubon Financial Holdings’ committed to creating a balance between the workplace and daily life and carefully considers issues of concern to employees; Company has a robust benefits system and every effort made to enhance employee sense of well-being.
Customer Complaint Mechanism A financial consumer protection mechanism has been established at the financial holding company level as a basis for subsidiaries to handle consumer disputes fairly, reasonably and effectively.
Employee Ethics / Integrity “Codes of Ethical Conduct,” “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles,” and “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles” guide ethical management practices, foster sound business models and risk management mechanisms, and promote social welfare objectives.
Fair and Reasonable Pay Fubon Financial Holdings has a fair and rational compensation system, and it participates in an annual salary survey to maintain a competitive compensation structure. A “Remuneration Committee” under the board sets and regularly reviews management compensation policies and whether the pay levels of individual executives are rational.
Labor-Management Relations Fubon Financial Holdings maintains close communications with its unions and holds regular labor-management meetings to coordinate related issues and promote cooperation. In 2015, Taipei Fubon Bank and Fubon Securities signed collective bargaining agreements with their employees’ unions, a major milestone in labor-management relations and employee rights.
Talent Development and Cultivation A series of programmed courses gives employees access to a broad diversity of learning resources and opportunities that stimulate their desire to grow and continue to learn, and management skills courses have been created for managers at all levels of the organization. Advanced training courses are also available to further individuals’ competence development.
Insurance that Helps Deal with Climate Change Fubon Insurance helps companies manage natural disaster risk using quantitative methods and strengthens their resilience through insurance planning and loss prevention measures. The insurer also worked with the Council of Agriculture to introduce Taiwan’s first aquaculture insurance product in 2015. The policy helps incorporated aquaculture businesses cope with losses stemming from climate change and natural disasters.
Caring for Underprivileged Groups Fubon subsidiaries and the Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation have teamed up with the Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly on a “Fubon Dementia Advocacy Project” to provide special assistance to customers or their family members who show signs of dementia. Fubon Financial Holdings also leverages the public welfare platform formed by its four foundations to support disadvantaged groups by helping children stay in school, providing emergency assistance, educating aboriginal children, nurturing the talents of people with disabilities and helping people break out of poverty.
Employees Adopting Sustainable Practices A quarterly “environmental office competition” and an annual “energy conservation competition” for branch offices are held to instill eco-friendly habits in our workers, encourage waste sorting and recycling and energy conservation, and foster a “green” workplace environment.
Sponsorship of Radio Shows/Education Programs/Outreach Seminars The Fubon Art Foundation invites internationally renowned figures to speak in Taiwan and organizes “Fubon Forum” classes themed around current trends. Its “Very Fun Park” exhibition brings art into people’s lives and communities, creating a common good for local merchants while promoting aesthetics education.