Responsible Finance

In 2015, the Fubon subsidiaries affected amended their investment policies and guidelines to strengthen their implementation of “Principles for Responsible Investment” when making use of their capital, hoping to meet society’s expectations. The revisions required that the environmental, corporate ethics and social responsibility (ESG) standards of the investment target, be it domestic or foreign or a stock or bond, be considered when making the investment and reviewed regularly after the investment is made.

The following is a list of policies and guidelines amended by Fubon subsidiaries:

Fubon Life:
Amended seven policies and guidelines
Fubon Insurance:
Amended two policies and guidelines

Several tangible actions were taken to carry out the changes made in several types of investment, including marketable securities, real estate, venture capital, special projects, public infrastructure and mortgages, as described below:


Tangible Actions Taken in 2015

Marketable Securities

Real Estate

Venture Capital, Special Projects, Public Infrastructure


2016 Goals:
Aside from continuing ESG initiatives that were pursued in 2015, new goals and corresponding actions will be pursued in 2016, as follows:

Goal Action
Get the investment community to implement ESG

Actively request discretionary investment institutions to provide a summary of their ESG activities.

Have investment targets disclose ESG practices, as appropriate

Participate actively in ESG meetings and forums held by companies targeted for investment

Participate in public policy

Participate in public policy projects, such as those involving the development of surface rights

Insist on green-building certification

Continue to apply for green-building certification of all new real estate projects; pursue “bronze” candidate certification for Tongshan St. and Changchun surface rights projects, and obtain green-building certification for the Taichung Wenxin office building