Material Issues

(18) External Communication and Compliant Mechanism

Material Issue External Communication and Compliant Mechanism
GRI Material Topic Customer privacy
GRI Management Approach (Related Chapter) Sustainable Governance / Innovative Service
Risk Involved Customers expect a diverse range of products tailored to their needs. If communication and complaint mechanisms fall short, customers may voice their complaints to regulatory agencies or the media. Such actions can lead to lower customer satisfaction or penalties imposed by regulatory authorities and ultimately hurt the Company’s image.
Responsive Actions Fubon Financial Holdings tries to satisfy customers’ needs through innovative products and services, but when customers are not satisfied, they can file complaints through several channels. The Company has established a “Financial Consumer Protection Management Policy,” and, along with its subsidiaries, devised policies and strategies dedicated to treating customers fairly. In addition, the “Guidelines for Handling Notifications of Customer Complaints over Joint-Marketing Activities by Subsidiaries” safeguard customers’ rights and interests and quickly resolve disputes. If a complaint results in a penalty, measures are taken to solve the problem.
Impact Boundary where the impacts occur Fubon Financial Holdings
The Fubon Financial Holdings’ Involvement with the impacts Directly